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What is the Timeline on Facebook?


What is the Timeline on Facebook?

What is the Timeline on Facebook
What is the Timeline on Facebook

Facebook’s Timeline feature will best be thought of as your ‘all concerning me’ page.  It combines the knowledge on your profile with the items you’ve got announce, the general public messages your friends have sent you, and an outline of your recent Facebook activity–things like accretive a fan request, enjoying a Facebook game, posting an image, or giving a “Like” to a different person’s post.

What is the Timeline on Facebook? Formerly referred to as the Wall

The Timeline that is additionally generally referred to as the “wall” in Facebook documentation is your history on Facebook. It keeps all of your activity, updates, photos, and content in one place, very like a life journal. It’s a lot of visual, and you’ll be able to post an outsized, long image as decoration at the highest of your page, additionally to the default profile image of you that shows up next to everything you post. The Timeline additionally permits you to travel back in time to before Facebook, and add events and activities that passed before you started your account.

What is the Timeline on Facebook? Who Sees Your Timeline?

With the quality Facebook privacy settings, your Friends are able to visit your Timeline and see any data that is been superimposed thereto by you. Keep this in mind once accepted invites from friends, since a straightforward thanks to manage privacy is to be selective in accretive and alluring friends. That means solely individuals you recognize are able to see your Timeline. If you announce a standing update that was public, then anyone United Nations agency visits your Timeline are able to read that update and the other public updates you’ve got created on Facebook. Your Likes are visible on your Timeline, since Likes area unit employed in advertising and area unit thought of public data on Facebook. It’s attainable to cover your Likes on your Timeline mistreatment your privacy choices.

How it’s organized

Timeline is organized by a vertical line stretching down the middle of the page.  Dots on this line show your activity in downward written record order, whereas the entries themselves area unit shown in boxes to either aspect.  Posting concerning associate forthcoming gathering on in some unspecified time in the future so posting photos from that gathering the subsequent day would lead to 2 Timeline boxes and 2 dots, with the image dot settled nearer to the highest of the page.  Your Timeline goes back to the day you joined Facebook, even though you signed up before 2011. To indicate what you probably did before Timeline, it combines the items you announce with the notes others wrote on your home page.

What’s On the Timeline?

Everyone on Facebook has their own Timeline, and you’ll be able to see your friends’ and relatives’ Timelines whenever you seek for them or click on their name. Similar to your Timeline is all concerning you, theirs is all concerning them: it contains all of their public posts, photos they’ve uploaded, and messages to them.  If your reading page is thronged and you simply wish to examine on a selected friend, Timeline makes the method straightforward.

Knowing a way to use Timeline makes it straightforward to seek out things you’ve got misplaced.  If you are looking for vacation photos that your friend announces last summer, you’ll be able to notice them by attending to their Timeline and scrolling down till you reach the previous year.  Likewise, if you update Facebook oft however cannot bear in mind the precise day of an occasion, it is simple to seem through your own Timeline for a post you created concerning it, which is able to have the date displayed.  Your main page is sweet for maintaining with friends and family within the gift, however with Timeline, it’s straightforward to seek out things that passed months or maybe year’s agony.

What is the Facebook Timeline?



Your Facebook Timeline is what your friends check up on to urge a way of your life and it’s additionally wherever they leave public messages for you. During this means, your friends’ posts become a part of your history (just like in real life).

Think about all the items you find out about a fan the primary time you meet his folks, or all the funny stories you hear once your friend’s mate recounts the story of however they met. This area unit the categories of insights that your friends might nonchalantly leave on your Timeline, creating all of your friends recognize you a bit higher.

When friends visit your Timeline, they’ll additionally see a version of the Share box that you just see. They can’t add life events; however they’ll post text and photos to your Timeline. Cross-check the posts on your friends’ Timelines. Likelihood is that you’ll see a couple of “Hey, however area unit you, let’s catch up” messages and perhaps a couple of “That was associate awe-inspiring trip/dinner/drink” messages.

If you’re on a friend’s Timeline around his birthday, you’re absolute to see several “Happy Birthday” posts. There aren’t several rules for mistreatment Facebook, however one tradition that has arisen over time is that the “Happy Birthday” post. As a result of most of the people see notifications of their friends’ birthdays on their Home pages, the fastest thanks to say “I’m thinking of you” on their special occasion is to put in writing on their Timeline.

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