What platforms exist for distance learning?


What platforms exist for distance learning?

One of the most essential tools to take distance learning courses is, obviously, the application or the video call program , which allows you to see the teacher during the session, and better understand what he is explaining thanks to the image. There are many tools, some more suitable than others for what purposes.

An interactive whiteboard can also be very useful.: What platforms exist for distance learning?

One of the most famous tools in this area is the Skype application . Created in Sweden, this software quickly captured an important market. Young people, like adults in the professional context, use this medium to communicate while they see each other. For a long time, it was one of the only tools that allowed you to see yourself through video. In fact, it facilitated video calling with multiple people from the first hour. Without a doubt, he was the heir to the MSN Messenger program.
In recent months, Skype has been quickly replaced by other applications such as Zoom , which allows you to organize meetings with a large number of people. Zoom, more efficient and easy to use than Skype, has become the application for distance classes and distance meetings. It allows screen sharing, just like Skype, and is therefore very useful for distance learning.
The giant Google also has its application: Google Hangouts . Like Zoom and Skype, the tool allows you to see yourself and others through a webcam. What is the advantage of Google Hangouts? The number of Google applications that allow multiple people to easily share documents or multiple people to work on the same document. To use all these tools, you will simply need a Google account and its use is completely free.

Another much less known software that can also be used in the context of online classes

is: BigBlueButton. This software is especially used by teachers to organize classes and share them with students. The software also offers an interactive whiteboard for remote exercises. It paints well, right?
Whatsapp and Messenger can also be used with the video option for online classes. However, it is best to reserve your applications for possible problems. In fact, these applications are mainly used on smartphones. Therefore, the screens are quite small and unstable.

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