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What to ask our future physics teacher?


What to ask our future physics teacher?

Before hiring a physics teacher, we must reflect on what we are looking for and how we want private classes to be. You can make a selection of 4 or 5 candidates and give them a mini interview. In Superprof there are many teachers who offer a first test class, which can be a very good way to know how they give the case and thus choose between one or the other.

Some questions you can ask your candidates are: What to ask our future physics teacher?

Do you follow a specific methodology?
Where would the classes be?
How do you keep a student motivated?
Up to what level can you teach (ESO, baccalaureate, university)?
How long have you been dedicating yourself to giving private physics classes?
Do you have references or opinions from former students?
What have you studied?
What is the price of the private classes?
In what area or areas have you specialized in physics?
Do you teach other subjects?

Where to find the best private physics teachers.

Solve all the doubts you have. It is useless to burden yourself with even more hours of class if you are not comfortable with the teacher. Choose the one you consider to be the best candidate for you and start with private physics classes. If you doubt between several candidates, you can ask a friend or family member their opinion to help you decide.

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