What to sell during the Coronavirus quarantine


What to sell during the Coronavirus quarantine


The e-commerce landscape changed dramatically thanks to the fact that all the governments of the world implemented anti-pandemic social isolation measures:

In addition to the fact that “non-essential” businesses CLOSED temporarily to prevent the spread of the virus. This caused many businesses to move to the Internet to survive and also caused users to seek alternatives to purchase online.

What to sell during the Coronavirus: What to sell during the Coronavirus quarantine

In this panorama, the purchase of large quantities of toilet paper, canned goods and antibiotics stood out, although it does not sound the smartest way people are.

That is why I analyzed figures and data on electronic commerce, from which I was able to draw interesting conclusions; which can help you generate money online these days and start NOW with sales and income strategies.

Interesting points: What to sell during the Coronavirus quarantine

  • There is an abysmal increase in sales of home fitness products. A response closely related to the fact that the gyms and training boxes were forced to close.
  • Many companies have implemented the famous HOME OFFICE policy, which caused the same companies to have to equip their people to work from home, thus boosting the demand for monitors, keyboards, mice, chairs, desks, office supplies. , etc.
  • Regardless of the end of the world, the human being seeks distraction, leisure and entertainment in the first place, therefore, it is always a booming business.

I recommend you also read How to sell online and also A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: learn to distinguish fake news. And now yes:

What is sold the most during the coronavirus

  1. With a 652% increase in sales , food processors such as bread machines, steamers, sandwich makers, waffle irons, electric fryers, and sausage processors, especially meat. This is due to the psychology of scarcity; people are making their own food sustainable and viable than storing it.
  2. Increasing 302% its sales everything related to fitness; bars, dumbbells, garters, training plans, electric cardio machines, etc. Dumbbells, exercise bands and cardio machines stand out.
  3. Increasing sales by 172% Gadgets to work at home: monitors, tablets, mid-range cell phones, adapters, keyboards, mice, etc.
  4. More than 159% in growth give pet food this place, since due to scarcity psychology people are afraid of running out of food for their pet so people are given the task of storing pet food and ordering it for Internet.
  5. A not inconsiderable 117% increase gives board games and recreational games for children this place, despite the fact that there are few or no online stores specialized in toys for children and recreational entertainment items for the home, the few stores that exist are carrying all these sales.
  6. With sales of more than 115%, hair dyes and treatments for WOMEN, as there are no longer beauty salons open, everything is being bought online, corroborating with figures from Google, we see a rebound in consumption of content and info products related to tutorials and classes beauty.
  7. With 89% growth in the industry , Ping pong as a sport has one of its best and most popular moments in the world, corroborating data with Google, queries on topics related to Ping Pong are exploding.
  8. Also WITH 89% growth. Something very specific, the compact, buildable and simple desks for the home. It is closely related to office supplies but it deserves a special place for its rebound in the sales levels it represents, because it could still be considered home furnishings.

Products that are sold the most online

In addition to the highlights that I present to you above, there are many categories within the products that are sold the most online and that have increased their sales, some are difficult to distribute or irrational.

That is why they did not enter the TOP of What to sell during the Coronavirus because they are not so viable, unless you have already sold them before the pandemic.

Even so, I leave you the complete list and I hope we get to work because there is a lot to cover and people in their homes need to buy.


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