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What type of boxing to choose to start training?


What type of boxing to choose to start training?

Before joining a boxing gym, the first question to ask yourself is: what type of boxing is best to start with?
How to find your ideal sport discipline in a boxing club?
Although you instinctively think of English boxing when joining a boxing club, you should be aware from the beginning that there are other forms of boxing . In fact, there are other combat sports like French boxing, Thai boxing, and kickboxing .
In addition to these European, American and Asian martial arts, gyms have also adapted boxing techniques to fitness classes : cardio boxing, boxing fitness, aeroboxing , women’s boxing …
It is important that you do a test session in several of these disciplines before embarking on paying a monthly or even annual fee, to understand what kind of this new physical activity will awaken your interest and passion.
¿ What are your goals ? Do you want to tone and sculpt your body, lose weight, gain self-confidence, self-control, improve your physical condition, do boxing to become a professional, build muscle? Do you want to improve yourself, at what intensity? Do you want to learn self defense, relieve stress, hone your reflexes?
These are our tips before starting your boxing training .

As we’ve mentioned before, there are four main types of boxing : What type of boxing to choose to start training?

English boxing
French boxing
Kick boxing
Thai boxing or muay thai
Inspired by ancient boxing and pankration, English boxing is the legacy of the underground fighting that took place in English cities in the 19th century. It is a boxing that uses only the fists, that seeks the power of the blows, the speed of the rounds and works the defenses well. The main warm-up instrument in English boxing is the jump rope.
Inspired by English boxing, French boxing developed in France in the early 20th century. Both fists and feet are used and the blows are very technical. This martial art develops flexibility, tactics, precision, endurance and agility.
Born in the 90s, in the kickboxing fists and feet and knees are used are also allowed. The strikes are made with the shins and the foot, and the kick can rise to the level of the opponent’s head. It is a complete boxing that develops flexibility, muscles, agility, dodge and the aesthetics of the blows.
With a reputation for being very violent, elbowing is allowed in Thai boxing in addition to all of the above, which is why it is said that in Muay Thai all blows are allowed. Choose this form of boxing if you like powerful sports, but don’t be surprised to sweat like a pig during training!
The typical sequence of Thai boxing and kickboxing is: burpees , squats, push-ups and sit-ups.

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