Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC?


Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC?

Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC?
Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC?

With Brock Lennar as of late winning his first UFC match and Bobby Ashley hoping to make his MMA debut, it made me thinks—who else from the WWE could effectively take the leap from professional wrestling to MMA?

I’ve made elite of a portion of the top WWE whizzes and talked about how they could adjust to the UFC, might they be able to try and have the option to rival “genuine” contenders, and on the off chance that they could actually think about leaving expert wrestling for blended combative techniques.

Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC? John Cana


It’s constantly been said about Cana that he’s not the best specialized grappler but rather he can battle. Yet, would he be able to battle in the UFC? John Cana versus Chuck Liddell. There’s just going to be one champ.


I don’t think John Cana minds however, he wouldn’t have any desire to contend in the UFC. He would just leave WWE for a movie vocation however he has just expressed that he won’t do a Rock and leave WWE for Hollywood. He will cheerfully remain in the WWE and make millions for himself and for Vince McMahon.

Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC? Triple H


He is another is never going to leave the WWE as he urgently needs to take over from Vince. Notwithstanding, if he somehow managed to contend, I don’t figure he would reasonable well in MMA. He has no genuine beginner wrestling abilities and I don’t figure he would be that incredible in a clench hand battle against any UFC contender.

Which WWE Superstars Could Handle the UFC? Funeral director


The Undertaker is an enthusiast of the UFC and I figure he would deal with the UFC significantly better than either Cana or Triple H could yet I feel that he would be too old to even consider having any effect on the UFC. Taker has great entries, comprehends MMA, and I figure he can convey a very decent punch. He would have the option to strike dread into his adversaries.

CM Punk


Out of any of the hotshots in the WWE, I think CM Punk is the one in particular who could have an effective transporter in the UFC. This is on the grounds that he has prepared in MMA and has the correct hard working attitude.


His straight edge trick is his reality and he regards WWE as a game. He could without much of a stretch adjust to the UFC. I think a CM Punk versus BJ Penn would be a splendid battle.


The central issue is, would Punk actually take the leap? I think if the UFC increases and more well known he could take the leap yet on the off chance that he remains World Heavyweight Champion he isn’t probably going to leave the WWE at any point in the near future.

Huge Show


This may appear to be an interesting decision on the grounds that there is no one like the Big Show in UFC; however he could be a perilous contender in MMA. Many individuals were discussing what might occur at WrestleMania XXIV if the May weather, Big Show coordinate were genuine. I figure Show would have won.


I figure one hit with that clench hand of his future a knockout blow. He would be difficult to bring down on the grounds that he is too large, this would likewise make it hard to submit him. It would be too Grad to take him out too in light of the fact that he is excessively tall. His lone issue would be his endurance. He wouldn’t have the option to most recent 15 minutes of UFC activity.

Best of the Rest


Vladimir Kosovo could go to MMA. He has comparative form and style to Ashley. I figure it would likewise be a decent move for him… JBL as consistently been viewed as an authentic troublemaker, however he would get totally outwrestled or submitted.


I can’t generally think about any more WWE whizzes yet in the event that you would I’ll be able to be glad to hear your recommendations.


In the event that you take a gander at the TNA list, it’s anything but difficult to see who could take the leap: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. Joe prepares in MMA and Angle is an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling.


I don’t figure Joe will leave ace wrestling at any point in the near future since he has not cultivated a lot in the wrestling scene however I think as soon as possible Angle will make a beeline for the UFC. He has continually communicated an enthusiasm for it and he would savor the test. Regardless of whether is body and wellbeing could adapt to it is an entire diverse discussion.

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