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Who is involved in the world of accounting?


Who is involved in the world of accounting?

Accounting work, and specifically within management accounting, may not require so many years of work; in fact, the field is very wide, since, in addition, there are numerous accounting positions that make up the profession.
Here is a list of some of the most common accounting related jobs, some of which may sound familiar to you if you want to work as an accountant or want to get some kind of accounting training.

Financial analyst: Who is involved in the world of accounting?

The financial analyst is in charge of analyzing and studying the financial news of the company, in order to fix the interest in profitability, liquidity and the risk that the company assumes in the purchase process. In short, it is in charge of analyzing and planning the financing of the company.
Businesses need an analyst who takes care of very important responsibilities and functions that contribute to business growth. (Source: IEBSschool).

Accounting assistant: Who is involved in the world of accounting?

Accounting Technicians play an important role in many companies, as they are in charge of maintaining, balancing and updating the accounting books, therefore, they have the duty to record all the financial activities of the corporation. These individuals are the right hand of the Accountant or Auditor of the company, since they are concerned with collecting, verifying and analyzing the financial data that will serve as the basis for the preparation of their reports.
Accounting Technicians prepare financial reports based on the information gathered from the books they keep. Based on them, shareholders, managers and accountants verify the financial status of the company and determine the most suitable way to proceed in future projects. (Source: Neuvoo.es)

Auditor: Who is involved in the world of accounting?

The auditor is the professional in charge of reviewing the accounting books of a company. This, in order to corroborate that the records correspond to the activity actually carried out by the firm. That is, the auditor evaluates whether the company’s accounting reflects reality, verifying that all operations have been duly recorded and justified. (Source: Economipedia)


Accountants are those professionals responsible for the financial status and accounting books of the individual or company that has requested their services, in this sense, their mission is to ensure that their clients comply with the applicable legislation and established procedures, in addition to guaranteeing that there is a record of the income and expenses of their accounts. (Source: Economipedia)
The accounting team of a company is made up of several employees with different positions.


The financial controller (sometimes called the controller) , in the business sphere, is the person responsible for the financial control and management of the company. Its main mission is to establish a control plan on the different projects of the company, to know what the line of action will be based on how each one is progressing. (Source: Economipedia)


A financial director (or CFO, for its acronym in English  chief financial officer ) is the professional responsible for using the monetary resources of the organization in the best possible way, detecting opportunities that allow generating investment and savings for the company.

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