With which bracelets connected to complete your training?


With which bracelets connected to complete your training?

Being able to propose  quality personal training , with good exercises adapted to the objectives, is one thing. But sometimes what separates one good coach from another is the material they use and the data they get …
For even more effective physical preparation,  why not use all the statistics that connected bracelets can offer you ?
Calories consumed
Average speed
Sleep quality…
The data provided by the bracelets, both sports and design, are multiple. They also allow you to  collect all the useful information for your training program, in one application. Then you can transfer it to your mobile, tablet or computer.
So you can show your client their progress, strengths and weaknesses. The ideal complement to the personal trainer!

What connected watches to choose for training?: With which bracelets connected to complete your training?

Bracelets are an excellent complement to training. But if you want to spend a little more, you can also buy a connected watch!
Beyond the simple pleasure it provides to lovers of watches and new technologies,  the smart sports watch is a precise device much more advanced than connected bracelets:
Oxygen level in the blood
Integrated sports programs
Many brands have specialized in connected watches, such as Garmin or Fitbit, Apple or Samsung … But the big watch brands also offer their own models:
Tag Heuer …
Discover the different functions of the models offered by these brands and choose the one that best suits your training!
Find your personal trainer valencia .

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