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Your Private Classes: teachers in Spain


Your Private Classes: teachers in Spain

Your private classes, Classgap and Your solidarity classes make up a corporate network of private teaching platforms.
Your private lessons is a platform specially designed to put teachers and students in Spain in contact. Like Superprof, this website offers teachers the possibility of teaching their classes both online and in person.
A teacher available quickly and easily.
The operation is basically the same: as a teacher, you have to register, create a personalized ad for free and publish it on the web.
Once a student is interested in your ad, they will contact you through the contact form on the web. You will receive a notification by e-mail and you can be in contact through the internal messaging service.
You will receive the money you earn for your classes in full, without any type of commission. You set the price for each session yourself.

SmartAcademy: videoconference classes: Your Private Classes: teachers in Spain

SmartAcademy is a platform that offers classes completely online by videoconference. Students and teachers only have to have an electronic device with a webcam and an Internet connection so that classes can start.
The subjects taught are divided into two main branches: non-higher education and higher education . Within the first we find the levels of primary, ESO and Baccalaureate, the entrance exams to the higher training cycle and the university entrance exams. In the second branch, classes for engineering degree students are included.
In addition, SmartAcademy offers English 2.0 classes (do you know Web 2.0 ?). The teachers of this specialization give classes in companies, classes for adults and for young people who need extracurricular support.
In this case, unlike what happens with the previous platforms, the StartAcademy students do not choose the teachers directly, but the organization of the website is in charge of looking for the profile of the most suitable teacher for each student.
As a teacher, you will receive constant training and evaluation, which will allow you to grow as a professional in this field.
Make your private lessons known thanks to word of mouth .

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