Boxing boots and shin guards: why and where to buy them?


Boxing boots and shin guards: why and where to buy them?

To jump into the dojo or jump rope on the tatami , you will also need to wear shoes and protect your legs.
I’m too stubborn, if I’d had the proper protection, none of this would have happened to me.
Here is a representation of the stores where you can buy French or English boxing boots and shin guards :
MMA style
The price ratio of boxing boots can vary depending on four factors: depending on the material of the fabric, the size, the brand and the seller.
Hence the importance of buying good boxing boots .
First of all, they are important to avoid injuries (strains and sprains): the “shoes” must provide good support for the foot and ankle during blows.

Other important aspects that you should take into account are: Boxing boots and shin guards: why and where to buy them?

that favor footwork ;
that allow you to move with explosiveness ;
that you feel comfortable (don’t we usually say that sneakers are the most comfortable?);
that allow you good mobility in the boxing ring ;
that you choose the size of the insoles well and that they have good padding to avoid damaging the tissues and joints;
to stop perspiring .
It may be difficult to choose between Nike and Adidas. In fact, it is easier, and supposedly cheaper, to buy a coat, elbow pads, knee pads, shorts, and a T-shirt.
Choose, after the test class, the model of boots according to your level and the practice of boxing : weekly training, intensive, sporadic …
We recommend leather to synthetic leather, synthetic leather before polyamide canvas, as they offer more durability.
Finally, to protect yourself from the impacts of kicks in French savate boxing or Thai boxing, you will need the shin guards.
They are usually made of EVA, polyester, polyurethane or leather.

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