Boxing classes for beginners with a private teacher


Boxing classes for beginners with a private teacher

You may be totally against group classes in a gym or boxing dojo. Worse for you!
In any case, there is an alternative for all people who have anxiety or social phobia: private and individual boxing classes .

Boxing without gloves… it will cut you!: Boxing classes for beginners with a private teacher

Getting physical training from a boxing instructor or personal trainer is generally a means of making faster progress. It will come in handy, for example, if you are a beginner and want to participate in regional championships.
You will learn different strokes and have time to assimilate them, while in group classes for adults progress is usually made at a lower rate.
We all have in our minds the scene from Million Dollar Baby  (2004) in which Maggie lets off steam with the punching bags and practices without limits to reach the highest level of competition:
Although this movie does not say it, it is one of the prices that must be paid: having a “personal trainer” is inevitably more expensive than the annual bonus of a gym.
At Superprof, our private boxing classes have spread throughout Spain. If you want to have an athletic body, but you have restricted hours or specific personal goals, you just have to expose them to your coach.

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