Can you travel to China without knowing Chinese?


Can you travel to China without knowing Chinese?

It is the same as wondering if you can travel to Spain without knowing Spanish. It is not essential, but it certainly makes things much easier. If you are lucky enough to be able to travel a lot, it is logically impossible for you to know the language of each country you go to.
However, we recommend that you study some very recurring phrases and words such as: bathroom, hello, thank you, food, train, bus, etc.
Similarly, Google Translate can also save you from a lot, as well as a pocket bilingual dictionary. It is highly recommended that you have an Internet connection during your trip.
In China, English is not widely spoken, although the younger ones will know how to defend themselves. Therefore, the answer to whether you can travel to China without knowing Chinese is yes.

What languages ​​are spoken in China?: Can you travel to China without knowing Chinese?

More than 50 languages ​​are spoken in the Chinese country, known as Chinese languages. It is a multi-ethnic country with great diversity and linguistic richness.
The official language of the country is Standard Mandarin Chinese; except in Hong Kong, where the official language is English, and Macau, where the official language is Portuguese. Each region also has as official the language of that area. For example, in the area of ​​mainland and southern China, Cantonese is official, Tibetan is the language of Tibet or Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia.
For language lovers, mention that Mandarin Chinese is a Sinotibetan language of the Sinitic group.

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