Guide to doing a good job after school


Guide to doing a good job after school

How much time to spend on homework?
10 tips for doing your homework
How to optimize your work time after class?
Too many homework – how to achieve it?

How to help your child with homework?: Guide to doing a good job after school

Education is not limited to childhood and adolescence. Teaching is not limited to classes. Our whole life is our education and an educator at the same time severe and dangerous »- Paul Valéry, writer
Every afternoon after class, it is the same ritual: snack and homework. Spanish students spend an average of 6 hours a week doing homework. And they start from primary school.
Therefore, everything possible must be done to make this moment easy for both children and their parents.
In this article we will see how much time to dedicate to homework, our best tips so that everything goes well, techniques to  optimize the time to do homework  and get by if you have a lot of homework and tips so that parents are better prepared to help their children.

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