Is it possible to study in German universities in a German city?


Is it possible to study in German universities in a German city?

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Study in Germany thanks to Erasmus
What are the formalities to study in Germany?
Our tips for studying in Germany
Top 10 reasons to study in Germany
“I would like to live to study, not study to live.” – Francis Bacon
Germany is a fascinating country, both historically and artistically. Each German city has its own identity, which explains why it has become a priority destination for international students, attracted in part by the charm of this country and the quality of its teaching. Are thousands of students who take advantage of the possibility of the Erasmus program to go to Germany , and other European countries.
But what are the learning opportunities in Germany? What are the conditions for you to be rejected or selected at a German university? How to live the German way once there? What reasons are there to study in Germany ? In this article, we will try to give you the answers to all these questions.

Study in Germany thanks to Erasmus: Is it possible to study in German universities in a German city?

Captain Europe: a symbol of European media that helps mobility: go on Erasmus to Germany!
Did you know that in 2017 alone, 80,000 young people benefited from the ERASMUS + mobility aid program to go abroad for a semester or a year of study? The real advantage is that this program is open to all students , regardless of what they study.

This European system, in which Germany has participated since its inception in 1987, makes it possible to:

Study abroad, according to the European mobility structure.
Do a doctorate or a year of observation.
Work as a volunteer and improve your language level.
Prepare an international volunteer.
Benefit from scholarships for a learning project.
Therefore, studying in Germany is also possible thanks to this brilliant system. All foreign students who wish to undertake an ERASMUS exchange program must go through a simplified but competitive recruitment system . This system is managed by the different educational institutions, which organize exchanges with the different universities abroad.

Typically there are prerequisites :

Verify that your university / school is a member of the ERASMUS program.
Look at possible university partnerships with Germany.
Take stock of your university’s requirements for this program (language level, average grade, level of studies) …

The application process for Germany works as follows: Is it possible to study in German universities in a German city?

Every year universities send and receive fees, also for Germany.
Each school proposes a call for applications each year, the deadlines depend on whether you want to leave for the entire academic year or just one semester.
You will have to complete an application including CV (in Europass format) as well as a cover letter, in addition to your notes.
Make a list of up to three possible destinations.
Send this file, which will later be examined by a jury from your university.
Then an admissions list and a waiting list will be established: it will be then that you will have to formulate your answer of acceptance or rejection.
If so, you will have to start with the paperwork.
Speaking of procedures, what are the formalities to study in Germany? We leave them below!

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