The advantages of home school support


The advantages of home school support

The main objective of the tutoring classes is for students to get better grades . With one or two hours of class per week, depending on the level of the student, it is sure that he will finally improve his average grade in Mathematics or have a good score in a literary comment.
But how much do the classes cost? We are not going to deceive you: resorting to the services of a private teacher for your child will have an impact on your budget, which will be especially important depending on the duration of the classes and the studies and experience of the teacher. However, keep in mind that the classes taught directly through the Superprof platform will cost you less than the classes at a Madrid high school academy or a school support center, since there are no intermediary expenses (marketing expenses, advertising … )

To give you an idea, here is the average price in Madrid for some classes: The advantages of home school support

The average price of a one-hour English class is € 14,
The average price of a guitar lesson is € 17,
A personal training class costs on average € 20. This is the price to pay to get a body of scandal …
Suffer no more! With the tutoring classes you will improve your grades!
If you see that the teacher you have chosen does not suit you (which can happen), you can try another by consulting the huge database of private teachers in Superprof.
But what are the advantages of home school support ?

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