How is a home school support class carried out?


How is a home school support class carried out?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, here are some tips for teachers reading these lines:
Be punctual ! Your services as a private teacher begin the moment you enter your student’s house and for that you have to arrive on time.
Forget generic classes ! Each student is unique, with a different mind, with their own personality and with different academic needs (catch up, punctual help, refresh some concepts …)
Private classes at home, a solution for the deficiencies of the Spanish educational system.
Giving private classes implies adapting differently to each student and providing a personalized formula of school support. This is how you are going to help him overcome his problems!

We have already mentioned it briefly in the first part of this article, but face-to-face school support has four main advantages : How is a home school support class carried out?

The physical presence that reassures the student,
The ability to explain yourself more easily when speaking face to face,
Greater concentration for the teacher and the student,
Greater motivation for the student.
There are many ways to prepare your private classes in terms of the preparation of the lessons and exercises, which will depend both on the subject (a Language class will be more theoretical, while a Physics class will be dedicated to practical exercises) and on the student’s objectives (weekly classes, punctual help, exam preparation …).
If you start from a one-hour class, which is the most frequent duration, you can divide the time as follows:
First 10 minutes to review what was seen in the last class,
From 15 to 20 minutes to make sure the student understands key concepts and key points of the lesson,
Another 20 minutes of practical exercises to go from theory to practice,
Last 10 minutes to work on upcoming assignments or review mistakes made in previous assignments.
A recurring question that may arise for parents or those who want to resort to private classes: how can I verify the skills of a school support teacher? Before (although nowadays too), teachers got more students by word of mouth: friends, family, former students … Now, in addition, at Superprof we have a system of reviews with stars and opinions that students can use to leave a comment and a note about the teacher who taught them, as is done with hotels or restaurants. With Superprof, you will not go wrong: you will hit the spot!
If you are a civil servant professor , keep in mind that you can give private classes without problem, outside the walls of your school or institute. Surely the extra money wo n’t hurt you for the holidays and it will also stimulate your teaching skills. ” Stay sharp” , as the English would say.
If you want to find a good alternative to the selectivity academy , do not hesitate to contact one of our passionate teachers!

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