What accessories should you buy to take boxing classes?


What accessories should you buy to take boxing classes?

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“We always appreciate a good loser, especially when he is part of the opposing team.” – Milton Segal
This maxim could be applied to all combat sports : because although boxing or mixed martial arts are not sports in which one team faces another, but rather they are melee sports , we do like it when the one who loses is the other.
It is something universal in all individual and team sports: to win (or to land a good blow in boxing ) and to maintain physical shape or prepare well for a fight, you must have good sports equipment.
From head to toe, a boxer must be protected against any punch or kick from the opponent , keeping guard, dodging, advancing with good agile footwork, and “arming” for his attack.
This is accurate in all contact sports: French savate boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing, kick boxing , full contact (American boxing), kung fu (Chinese boxing), taekwondo, aikido , ju jitsu , rav maga , viet vo dao , karate or mixed martial arts boxing.
Generally, the boxing modalities are not usually mixed.
On August 26, 2017, it was the most important fight of all time according to the media in which F. Mayweather Jr. and C. McGregor faced each other : one of the most important boxers in history, crowned world champion twelve times in the English boxing world in five different weight classes against the five-time mixed martial arts boxing champion , where the American won.
It goes without saying that they had the professional boxing equipment: mouth guards, professional boxing gloves, shin guards …
What happens to the rest of the equipment for amateur boxers and other competitors entering the fighting ring?
In this article, Superprof tries to explain  what elements of boxing equipment are essential to be able to practice the sport, whether in a club, as a hobby or professionally.

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