What boxing to practice to learn to defend yourself?


What boxing to practice to learn to defend yourself?

Do you want to learn to defend yourself on the street?: What boxing to practice to learn to defend yourself?

Do you really want a fight? I do not recommend it, I am the European boxing champion! »
Many women are attracted to combat sports ( taekwondo, krav magá , wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing), especially to be able to defend themselves in case of aggression in the main Spanish cities.
It is true that boxing classes do not teach how to fight in this way, but the fighting techniques will allow you to gain confidence and perhaps get out of possible difficult situations.
¿ What kind of boxing learn to defend themselves ? We could say all of them!
Boxing provides a high intensity physical preparation that develops endurance, cardio, muscles, determination and mental rigor (among many other virtues and values). Each session makes you sharpen your reflexes, learn the necessary tactics (to attack when the opponent drops their guard) and get in shape.
At first glance, boxing allows you to learn to fight thanks to the power of the blows, but above all it is the combat techniques that you learn (the guard, the tactics, the blows, the footwork and the speed of the sequences) which will allow you to defend yourself.
Actually, the goal is to avoid the fight. Because if there is one predominant value that reigns over all others in boxing, it is respect .
To defend yourself during a street fight, you don’t have to be a world champion or Spanish boxing champion to take advantage of your boxing skills. But, yes, keep in mind that you will have to box with your bare hands, which can cause injuries, and you will not have the usual protections such as a mouth guard, shin guards, boxing gloves, bib or shell.
To defend you, we can also mention other martial arts, which are not boxing: Brazilian jujitsu , mixed martial arts (MMA), krav magá . These are sports based on many combat keys and choke techniques or positions that destabilize the opponent.
Whether you are a man or a woman, Thai boxing, kickboxing or English boxing may be the most complete to learn how to defend yourself.

Here are some tips to fight well thanks to boxing:

Being able to box in tight spaces.
Knowing how to hit while boxed in.
Be firmly anchored in your supports.
Be fluid and flexible at the bust level to avoid the opponent’s blows.
Breathe with each blow.
Keep your guard.
Look the aggressor directly in the eye.
We advise you to buy a punching bag to train at home, jump rope and do bodybuilding series: push-ups, sit-ups, burpees .

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