What subjects are taught in the tutoring classes?


What subjects are taught in the tutoring classes?

English is one of the subjects most requested by parents.: What subjects are taught in the tutoring classes?

From school to university, passing through ESO and Bachelor, school support has the advantage of offering a wide range of subjects .
In high school, it is very important, especially because, compared to school, the pace is quite intensified especially in Mathematics and Language. In addition, the institute also learns new subjects: languages, History, Physics and Chemistry, Geography … Thus, secondary school students learn the basic concepts of all of them. In order not to be left behind, school support is essential.
The Bachelor is an orientation period. The study plan is more specific, so that each one chooses what they like the most: the branch of Sciences, Humanities or Arts. Students must choose a branch according to their ambitions and possibilities. But sometimes, to catch up on some important subjects, revision classes are essential.
Finally, during higher studies, the school support subjects are unlimited, so to speak. Science subjects, international trade, accounting … There are classes for everything!

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