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What does school support bring?


What does school support bring?

Now that we have defined it, we can ask ourselves what it is that school support contributes .
In the first place, bear in mind that the success of home school support serves two reasons that we can explain from a social point of view: first, that mothers work more frequently compared to previous generations; and second, that both parents spend long hours in the workplace. Two events that result in the lack of time to help their children with homework .
Therefore, school support is essential. The classes of Mathematics, languages ​​(English, French, German), History, Physics and Chemistry, Language, etc. they prevent the student from being left behind in the curriculum.
Finally, the other great contribution of home school support is the fact of breaking the barrier, sometimes insurmountable, between the student and the teacher, a barrier that stops the most timid students. School support allows the most reserved children to show their potential. It is a good alternative to prepare exams if you go through official bodies, such as the selectivity academy .What does school support bring?

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