Where to find yoga classes for men?


Where to find yoga classes for men?

Between fitness and breathing, yoga has it all!

It is true that when wondering where to find yoga classes for men , it is not always easy to find an answer. For good reason, most of the time, yoga sessions are for both men and women . However, there are times when they differ.
In studios, clubs and other centers specialized in yoga, it is possible to find specific yoga classes for men. In fact, these places have the advantage of offering the material to students, as well as the possibility of giving professional classes, whether they are group or private classes.
More and more studios are opening their doors to both men and women , such as the GONG Club in Madrid. Between initiation to yoga and stretching, you will find a yoga for everyone, also for men!
Speaking of the capital, are you looking for yoga classes in Madrid ?
It is also possible to take yoga classes through YouTube. Social media and new technologies are on our side to find male yogic content and bring serenity and stretch to all practitioners.
The same goes for books, which are great ways to learn more about male yoga. Among the reference books, we highlight Yoga for Men by Frank Rudolph Young, a yoga book that is a wealth of information!
Finally, you can also give yoga classes with a private teacher . At home, online , at the office or in a yoga studio. In this way, our teachers will prepare a yoga program especially dedicated to male practice, but also to our desires and motivations! Now it’s up to you to choose … Do you start with Superprof?

Our pick of the top 10 exercises for men: Where to find yoga classes for men?

Be it yin yoga or traditional yoga, anyone can practice male yoga!
Of course, the exercises can vary according to your goals, yes, but you have to know a little about the basics of yoga practice. From a more or less precise perspective, this small list of the 10 best yoga exercises for men can serve as a basis to enjoy the benefits of the discipline:
The warrior’s posture , which, standing, allows you to work on balance while toning.
The clamp pose , which relieves back and spine pain.
The cobra pose , a classic of men’s yoga that will allow you to relax and stretch your upper body.
The iron , to sculpt the body and learn to control breathing.
The Downward Facing Dog Pose , also known as the Downward “V” pose , to decrease tension and stretch the body.
The dog with its head up , similar to the cobra, which helps to strengthen the abdominals and calm the nervous system.
The candle pose , to align the shoulders and stretch the back and neck.
The lateral twist , to stretch on the floor and gain some flexibility in the spine.
The lateral angle, to improve balance when standing and develop breathing capacity.
The cow head , to release tension, improve serenity and simply relax.
Yoga or is reserved solely for women. Men can (and should) practice it too! Between tailored postures, places typically designed for male yoga, and practice-oriented yoga teachers, yoga will be at your fingertips. Put everything into practice!

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