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Be a school support teacher for high school students


Be a school support teacher for high school students

The importance of 4th year of ESO: Be a school support teacher for high school students

Students have to think about which optional subjects they should choose in 4th year of ESO. It must be done according to the  interests and aptitudes  of each one and, above all, taking into account the subsequent studies that they want to do: Baccalaureate, active life, Training Cycles and, even, the university degree that they would like to do in the future . The itinerary they choose will determine, in some way, what they want to do next.

Thus, you can choose between the  academic modality  (focused on continuing to study: Be a school support teacher for high school students

Baccalaureate) and the  applied modality  (focused on Vocational Training).
However, it may happen that the student chooses some subjects that he thinks will be good for him and then they do not. For example, you can choose science subjects, but the difficulty involved in this course makes you drop out of science and finally enter the Humanities Baccalaureate.
In this stage of imbalance and self-rediscovery, the student is likely to want to resort to school support to improve their knowledge and avoid repeating a year due to a poor choice of subjects. Help him to guide you and offer a  tutoring school quality !

School support to pass Baccalaureate

The two years that make up Baccalaureate are crucial for students, since a good grade point average can facilitate  access to higher education  in great demand. High school students need to get the best of themselves and optimize their performance, so they must acquire the confidence to pass both courses successfully.
The educational level of Baccalaureate requires  much greater effort and perseverance . At this stage, students sometimes do not need to work on a single subject but have the support and monitoring of a personal tutor who can guide and guide them in their study.

Help your student to pass Baccalaureate.

For this,  school support for the baccalaureate level  is ideal. Thanks to the classes given by a good private teacher at home in a  peaceful and relaxed atmosphere , the student will be able to obtain personalized teaching to achieve better performance and get better grades.
The private teacher should be someone who follows your daily work and motivates you to do it. In addition, of course, you should clarify any doubts that may arise or help you in solving the duties assigned in class.
In addition, the private teacher must make use of  computer and school material  that students use daily in order to search for information, exercises, etc., and of all kinds of  educational material , such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, practical exercises, etc.
Once the students have finished the last two years, the private teacher will be able to help them to  prepare the Selectividad  to obtain the expected results to be able to study the university degree they want. If you want to avoid the selectivity academy , private classes can be very useful.
The selectivity
Although it causes a lot of stress for students, Selectivity is essential for their academic success. In fact, it is mandatory to access any degree at the university. So, as a private teacher, your duty is to increase the motivation of your students!
Whatever the subject you teach (History, Mathematics, Philosophy …), it is convenient that your classes are fun and that you show your student the interest of your subject  in everyday life. Many students say that they have discovered the pleasure of learning thanks to one of their teachers.
Above all,  always listen to your student: it  is essential that they feel valued, something that does not usually happen in a classroom full of students.

Teach him to make summaries to study for tests.

If you are vigilant, you can more easily identify  the gaps in your student  and help him improve before the big day.
You can give school support classes to high school students both from the beginning of the year and just before the exams. For your student to get a good grade in Selectividad and thus be able to study the degree he wants, it will be very beneficial for him to have your invaluable support and help.

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