Give school support classes to ESO students


Give school support classes to ESO students

The foreign languages: Give school support classes to ESO students

Already in primary school, the student begins to study a first foreign language, but from 1st year of ESO, they can learn a second language and the co-official language of their Autonomous Community. Teaching support classes to ESO students is quite common.

Many of us know the basic words of English, but how many can carry on a conversation?

The foreign languages ​​most taught at the institute are:
The French,
The co-official languages ​​(Catalan, Galician, Basque …)
To help students, there are many resources available.
To  make your classes more fun,  feel free to advise him to watch some movies and series (for all audiences, of course!): By watching a movie that he likes on VOSE, he will retain certain expressions much more easily.
If your student is very “connected”, why do not advise you  to ALG a mobile application,  as Babbel? These online exercises can be a good workout between class and class.
The important thing is to make him understand the importance of languages ​​in our society: whatever your professional training in the future, you will  inevitably have to master English  (or Chinese, if you study international trade).
Scientific subjects
ESO is a great step forward for  the future school orientation of students.  It is during this period when they face new  scientific subjects , such as:
Biology and geology
Physics and chemistry
Technology of the information and communication.
However, science subjects can quickly become a real headache for ESO students.
To give private classes in science subjects, it is better to  study  the school program well  : with personalized monitoring and school support at a constant pace, you will be able to advance your students to avoid repeating the year.
Who knows? Your student may discover his passion for biology!
At the end of 4th year of ESO, students will have to pass the final exams to get the School Graduate. To avoid failure,  the private teacher  must adopt a methodology adapted to the level of the student and make him work throughout the year.
To assimilate correctly all the knowledge of science subjects, students can count on your private classes at home to help them review the lessons and to practice with exercises in Mathematics and other science subjects.

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