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Boxing leagues and federations


Boxing leagues and federations

The Belt: The Boxer’s Final Reward: Boxing leagues and federations

More than a punching bag, boxing shorts and boots, you will need a ring to become the next boxing world champion. You will have to fight within the international federations , which should not be confused with the Spanish federation, for example.
American boxing, Thai boxing, savate boxing – it doesn’t matter. The largest boxing federations only fall within English boxing, which is also the most popular. The best federations are:
The WBA , World Boxing Association , the oldest of the federations (takes over from the NBA, founded in 1921).
The WBC , World Boxing Council, probably the most mediated.
The IBF , International Boxing Federation, whose specialization in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is of great interest.
The WBO, World Boxing Organization , the most recent of all.
Each offers a world title and belt as a reward . Every time a new boxer is crowned champion, his title is put on the line until a new champion is declared.
Some keep their belts for years, but it’s hard not to get toppled by younger new fighters, with more agile footwork and better physical preparation.
In parallel, there are other boxing federations , which focus on women’s boxing, recreational boxing or amateur boxing. However, they are considered minor federations and their titles do not have as much prestige:
The IWBF, International Women’s Boxing Federation, which promotes the fight between boxers.
The IBA, International Boxing Association , which puts American boxing in the spotlight.
The WPBF, World Professional Boxing Association , whose objective is to enforce the rules and discipline of the noble art.
The GBU, Global Boxing Association , which includes boxing variants such as full contact or taekwondo.
The AIBA, the International Amateur Boxing Association , which, as its name suggests, promotes competition, but at a lower scale competition.
Many champions have passed through these federations, but also champions! Who are they and what are they doing today?

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