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The most famous boxing champions


The most famous boxing champions

There are great boxers of all time for their many feats.: The most famous boxing champions

More than one man would be willing to put on boxing gloves to get into a ring, but not all men have a path in professional boxing. The amateur boxing concentrates most practitioners , and only a handful of athletes can reach the top of boxing.
Among them, we find different types of champions :
The great champions of the 20th century (between 1910 and 1990).
The great recent boxers (1990 – 2010).
Contemporary Winners (since 2010).
Among them, we find great names that are probably familiar to you, as well as those that you have heard about. They became famous for :
His impressive track records and world titles.
His ability to box differently, introducing kick boxing techniques, for example.
Its importance after obtaining a gold medal in the Olympic Games, or an Olympic champion title.
His impeccable track record.
The most boxing champions of the twentieth century have shown excellent performance with the experience acquired over a world or European championship. It is the case of:
Mohammed Ali , a true legend with 37 KO victories He became an authority figure in the world of combat sports.
Marcel Cerdan , ambassador of French boxing in the United States, with 129 fights to his credit.
Henry Armstrong , nicknamed “Hurricane Hank.”
Jack Dempsey , pro heavyweight boxing pro and modern boxing superstar.
Ray “Sugar” Leonard , a renowned boxer who has left us unparalleled fights.
Julio César Chávez , a Mexican who remained undefeated during 88 fights, until he tied for his 89th fight.
Joe Frazier , the great opponent in the fight of the century with Ali, in 1971.
Jack La Motta , better known by his pseudonym “Enraged Bull.”
The 20th century has seen many talented fans of free combat, but the decades from 1990 to 2010 are not far behind, with iconic figures such as:
Oscar De La Hoya , who has the most amateur titles and world titles (229 in amateur boxing) and the most earnings made during his matches.
Mike Tyson , nicknamed “Iron Mike” for his ability to challenge his opponents.
Finally, more recently, other champions have stood out, especially three boxers:
Bernard Hopkins , who, although he belongs to the generation of Mohammed Ali, is still in professional activity.
Floyd Mayweather , able to attack without being hit, is still undefeated to this day.
Anthony Joshua , recent winner against the Ukrainian Victor Klitschko, is the great promise of English boxing, which has this double champion to amaze its viewers.
Among these great champions, certain names do not appear, such as Tyson Fury or Rocky Balboa: controversial or fictional, they have no place in the Pantheon of boxing! But in what context do these competitors evolve?

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