Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3


Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3

This entrepreneur shows us that you don’t need to be born in Silicon Valley or have oil parents to have a global impact and be a tycoon.

Each country has its star entrepreneurs legendary level; In Mexico we have Carlos Slim, but there are also others who stand out for their popularity and EXCENTRICITY, so today we will talk a little about the real estate magnate Carlos Muñoz.

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Carlos Muñoz Wikipedia: Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3

Carlos was born in Queretaro on October 9, 1984, he is a man who many said no, but now he makes many companies, publishers and millions of people want a bit of his success and be part of his business, this Mexican  is an entrepreneur, writer and marketing influencer known throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

He started as a blogger, seeing that he had penetration in networks, he decided to write his first book, which sold quite well in an emerging market, from there he leveraged his first business, a self-sustaining real estate in income. Later, he not only sold real estate but was also hired by other companies to help them achieve the same as him.

With a consolidated company, he took the next step into the digital world, he is a businessman not of dreams, he made social networks a business model not a job as entrepreneurs normally do, a business model that generates a lot of money, as did other media and content generation companies, which further enhanced their other projects.

Carlos Munoz 4s: Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3

Grupo  4S  Real Estate, is the most important consulting company in real estate development in Latin America, whose founder is Carlos. As a real estate consultant, she collaborates with developers and investors in 18 countries in the creation of disruptive projects for a different real estate development.

Their books: Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3

  • 100 key questions for every entrepreneur
  • 11 Lies from business schools
  • Disruptive Radi-quality I
  • Disruptive Radi-quality II
  • The future of Real Estate

Carlos Munoz i11: Carlos Muñoz: Curious Marketing Stories 3

Digital i11 or ONCE Institute (Natural Organization of Exponential Growth) is a project that seeks to empower one million entrepreneurs through conferences on real estate development, entrepreneurship and sales of which Muñoz is the leader and coach, as well as the majority founding member.


He has commented that 4S in 2019 billed 300 million pesos (15 million dollars) and i11 billed 100 million pesos (5 million dollars) in 2019. To this we must add what it generates with investments in other companies and, as it could not be missing, its assets and real estate investments, its favorites by the way.

In addition to this, there are those that you could earn on your YouTube channel Master Muñoz, which on average could be, depending on the monthly traffic, about 5000 dollars a month.

Carlos Muñoz Courses

  • Sales hawks
  • 25 business ideas
  • Strategic planning
  • Eternal Master in Successful Entrepreneurship or M3E
  • How to create a digital agency 1
  • How to create a digital agency 2
  • e-commerce 2021
  • REDI Interactive Digital Strategic Meetings. The new course or advice that he took on contingency issues in which he helps entrepreneurs from various sectors to get their companies going.
  • How to sell when no one is buying
  • Your Chingona brand
  • Mastermind memership which is the star product, where you could have a couple of personal consultancies with Carlos to scale your business

Businesses and Companies

Carlos Muñoz’s companies are

  • 4s: Real Estate
  • i11: Business School
  • Zero on the right: Financial

It also generates income from various assets and investments as well as joint projects such as its YouTube channel, its blog, its investments in different sectors, the sale of its books, etc.


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