Weird Marketing Stories 2: ROMUALD FONS


Weird Marketing Stories 2: ROMUALD FONS

A story of video games, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, sacrifice and a lot of passion to achieve something in life. It is Romu and you will be surprised by his career:

It is curious that people ask the real name of RomualdFons, I do not know about you but it does NOT sound like a pseudonym to me.

RomualdFons age is 43 years as he was born on December 12, 1977 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In Mexico he would celebrate his birth next to that of the Virgin Mary.

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The Tetris of the Sega Megadrive.: Weird Marketing Stories 2: ROMUALD FONS

The story begins around 2011 when trends on the internet AND MEMES were something extremely geek (Before Gangnam Style):

A peculiar Spanish rock vocalist put on sale in E-Bay a copy of the famous game Tetris from the SEGA MegaDrive console. Article that is believed to exist only about 10 in the world.

He bought the video game online for about 15,000 euros, but he also managed to get it to be signed at an event by AlekséiPazhitnov, creator of the famous game.

Of course, he failed to sell it for a million dollars (the price that Fons was asking for) it was much less, although he easily quadrupled his investment. Money that he insures, he invested in a couple of companies that a few months later went bankrupt.

The truth of RomualdFons: Weird Marketing Stories 2: ROMUALD FONS

He is cited as an engineer, but he is not, although he studied that career he never finished it. In his own words: The Internet has pulled his life so hard that going astray to be an engineer is something that wouldn’t benefit him as much.

He was trained by reading, buying courses online and above all daring to experiment and exploit his knowledge at the right time. LEARN SOME MONEY!

Money Rap GIF from Money GIFs

History: Weird Marketing Stories 2: ROMUALD FONS

He started by blogging online. When it generated its first dividends, it built more blogs and then continued to learn. He continued writing more blogs and generating PBNs (Public Blog Networks) which are search engine ranking blogs.

They are very valuable for brands, companies and agencies since together they generate a very good income from brand positioning.

The secret is that he not only sold his services, but he knew how to scale them, partner and scale to generate more sales, re-invest and grow. This is how he founded his first company: BIG SEO.

RomualdFons Companies

Based on his business career, he has founded multiple businesses turned into companies through the internet such as:

  • Lovende: Web for buying and selling by auction and fixed price of second-hand items and collectibles.
  • Lakoko: First social network aimed at an audience interested in collecting and storing articles and images.
  • Tecsistem: Specialized software development
  • Pere Clarabuch:
  • Big Seo: Digital agency specialized in business generation with marketing, positioning and analytical strategies.
  • RomualdFons.Com : This eponymous company is dedicated to teaching courses through the internet using videos and live webinars.

RomualdFons Wikipedia

Currently there is no article with reference to this crack of social networks but without a doubt it will soon have a presence on that podium.

RomualdFons YouTube

His content on YouTube is quite interesting: With his success in Internet content, he would obviously seek the next digital seat.

As around 2017, he decided to video, which he more than achieved, since to date it is well positioned in the largest video network.

His formula is a genius, as in his previous successes he experimented, invested time, money in trial and error, he also educated himself, bought courses, read, researched, paid mentoring, formed a team and only then little by little he earned a place as youtuber.

The course of his life

As you can read, it is not easy to achieve success, it requires sacrifice, perseverance and decision. Something this internet character teaches us is that you cannot expect success without being willing to sacrifice what is necessary.

Much of his success is due to the fact that he always looks for a way to teach others, to educate them, to shake hands so that others achieve great things like him


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