Chapter 9 Structure of a Marketing Agency part 1


Chapter 9 Structure of a Marketing Agency part 1

This chapter is extremely important for anyone who aspires to be a digital crack, a Senior Community Manager of sapphire

Knowing the Structure of a Marketing agency will make you a digital crack, you will amaze your employers without a doubt. Experience puts you a step up because wherever you stop you will already be on familiar ground. As the great thinker Machiavelli said: He who knows and dominates the territory before the enemy has won the battle.

If you want to start or start your own business you must know how to establish it, if you want to be a listed worker in the labor market, knowing how the business is structured in a business will give you the possibility of growing wherever you set your eyes and when you look for work they will realize that you already have experience because you know a work structure well.

What is a Marketing agency?:Chapter 9 Structure of a Marketing Agency part 1

Digital marketing agencies are companies specialized in serving and fully or partially absorbing the communication tasks of a brand, company or business. Many companies or businesses do not have the experience or sufficient resources to generate advertising and effective communication themselves and they find it necessary to hire an external person to fill that need.

With the digitization of all the processes of a brand or corporate, marketing services are increasingly necessary and demanded, however, there are clients who avoid delegating their communications to an external agency or company and only hire them to take care of a single task, such as backup or consulting items.

But there are companies that by themselves do have their own staff or marketing areas implemented, which are basically agencies set up within the structure of the same company and work in conjunction with the other areas.

Structure of a marketing agency:Chapter 9 Structure of a Marketing Agency part 1

Let’s first see how an INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL marketing agency is organized in general terms.

Structure of a Marketing agency

In the direction is the board of directors, partners, shareholders or simply the CEO of the agency.

A basic primary structure responds to it; a legal, financial, administrative, public relations, human resources, etc. area These can be agglomerated in a single large area called “administrative” or separated as in the image. It is also common to find the legal-administrative area together.

The reception and services area can be understood as such as the receptionists, companions, assistants, etc. Per-se they are not a pillar for the operation of the basic operations of the company, however, the value and productivity that they add in the work environment is proven.

Human resources is quite broad and its work deserves to be analyzed with a separate specialist, there are even organizations where accounting, finance and the legal area are within human resources, it depends a lot on the organization of the company, but in essence it is the general structure .

We are directly interested in knowing about the production area, taking as a reference the first contact with the outside: The sales area, that’s where the magic begins.

The digital duty cycle:Chapter 9 Structure of a Marketing Agency part 1

It all starts when a prospect is captured through any marketing strategy (a sales funnel, for example) once the prospect becomes a customer, the customer service area becomes the appropriate conduit for communication. From now on it will be through customer service all. This customer service area is sometimes called in operation marketing agencies, operators, etc. Even the Project Manager himself sometimes absorbs this task and the positions are compressed.

The supervision area is extremely important since it is WHERE they receive the instructions of what the client requires and get down to work to produce, coordinate and fulfill everything that is required on time. In theory, this area should not worry about negotiating with the client or budgets, it is assumed that customer service knows perfectly the scope and limitations of supervision to have accepted the requirement in advance and if not, it is constantly consulted to see until what point is feasible to achieve what the customer wants to buy without leaving the initial payment

The area of ​​operation is where the magic happens

After landing, everything required in customer service happens to be made up: The operational area is very diverse; It can be as large and numerous as the amount of products or services offered by the agency, company or brand, but we can classify everything in 3 main positions: Design, Media and Programming. As simple as that.

I know that within each position there are many and diverse tasks, but I have left it in general terms that way because we are interested in focusing on the general structure. Even the names of the areas may vary, for example, the design area is called “art” by some clowns, but it does not matter, the structure is preserved, even if the names vary.

Name of jobs 

This is where most get confused when they start out and I don’t blame them, for some strange reason agencies and companies love to spend time and resources coming up with ever more extravagant and broad names for the same positions , a Community Manager may well be. calling creative network manager (it just occurred to me) when really all they need to say is Community Manager.

In the next chapter I will list by categories the names of the different positions that make the operation possible in any digital marketing agency, whether internal or belonging to a brand, company, external or independent.

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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