Importance of entrepreneurship


Importance of entrepreneurship

Next we will introduce you to the importance of entrepreneurship for the world . At Marketing Digital desde Cero we believe that entrepreneurship should be the Mecca of our civilization, the solution to any problem in our society; you have to innovate and provide optimal solutions that generate a tangible benefit. Look no further in Yahoo answers, here we tell you in detail:

The importance of entrepreneurship in society

It is huge, we live in an era in which people have such great power thanks to the use of the internet that it is possible to change the world for ordinary individuals, for example, a YouTuber with a single video is capable of bringing together thousands of people and supporting them with some cause, power that many years ago only large companies had.

The importance of business entrepreneurship

It has made companies and corporations focus on society and not only on its benefits, for example, companies that do not carry out ecological or social awareness campaigns are no longer valued.

The importance of entrepreneurship in schools

It should be a priority, to teach individuals that having a job is not the only way of life, that there are thousands of problems out there that deserve to be solved and that they, the students, can be the participants in a company that contributes to generating jobs, a better world and a fuller life for all.

The importance of entrepreneurship in our life

It is the only thing that will give you a purpose and an objective in life, recent studies show that the mind has the ability to avoid any difficulty and danger if it has a clear objective and purpose in life, that is, if you undertake you will have a life longer and more stimulating because your brain will prevent any danger that prevents you from reaching or achieving your goals at a subconscious and routine level.

There are many types of entrepreneurs. It is not the same to undertake because we have an idea, out of necessity or because chance leads us to it. They are different types of entrepreneurs with different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of entrepreneurs:

  1. The visionary entrepreneur. He is the one who dares with any sector. He is not afraid of failure and is therefore constantly looking for new ideas to undertake. Passionate and vocational, he is also persuasive and communicative. It can seem unstable and fickle.
  2. The entrepreneur by necessity. He looks for new directions to be able to create a professional change since he is usually dissatisfied with his current profession. It can also be someone who needs an occupation and therefore seeks to start their own business. It is usually tenacious and constant to find a good plan. Before they start successfully they need to develop entrepreneurial personality.
  3. The investor entrepreneur. You have capital and decide to create a company. The return on your investment is your ultimate goal. You are more afraid of risk and that can slow down some projects.
  4. The entrepreneur looking for opportunities. Rational and analytical, he can be very cold and calculating. Even so, they are usually very versatile.
  5. The entrepreneur by chance. Luck plays an important role in this type of entrepreneur. You are in the right place at the right time. But he is not afraid of change or setbacks. He knows how to take advantage of them to undertake.
  6. The specialist entrepreneur. Take advantage of the mistakes of others to find an opportunity for your business. You may not have a great idea, but you do know how to capitalize on the gaps in other ideas. As he is a specialist in one area, he usually needs support in others.
  7. The persuasive entrepreneur. Persevering and constant, she has good communication skills. It usually already has an earned prestige within its sector. He has a lot of faith in his project and his person, which makes others have it too. However, you may be guilty of not focusing enough on your objective, the business.
  8. The intuitive entrepreneur. Follow your impulses. They have empathy and are usually good listeners. Passion is one of his main strengths and that is why he knows how to take risks. But that is what can generate a feeling of vertigo in others.

Entrepreneurship ideas

In this blog you will find the latest in entrepreneurship topics, ideas and tips for businesses as well as constant guests to transmit their knowledge from what is entrepreneurship to experts denying wikipedia. We plan to incorporate PDF’s constantly to provide you with material that you can take anywhere without having to visit the site, follow us to be aware of this material.

Examples of entrepreneurship

Facebook is a great example of entrepreneurship, it began with Mark Zuckerberg looking for a solution to the null communication between researchers and students in universities, he presented a solution that little by little was demanding more solutions or polishing those he already had, thus the third company that generates the most money today, one of the most powerful companies in the world today.

PayPal is founded by Elon Musk who realized that people needed a solution to send money and that businesses needed a reliable way to sell online without having to resort to the expensive commissions of traditional banks, thus creating the first gateway of payments on the internet, when no one believed in your product, it proved to be reliable and safe. It is currently the leading electronic transfer company in the world.

Amazon is the virtual store with the most sales in the world, surpassing in sales even WallMart and CostCotogether, therefore, it is currently the richest company in the world. He started as an entrepreneur with no money in a garage, Jeff Bezos was looking for a solution for people, he wanted people to avoid cumbersome transfers and expensive commissions when buying in those prestigious stores, he discovered that buying online people can buy much more products cheap without leaving their homes.


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