Chinese dynasties


Chinese dynasties

Both Westerners and Orientals, when learning Mandarin, you also have to be interested in Chinese culture  and the history of the country.
The history of China will have no secrets for you!
It is not easy, since  Chinese dynasties  are particularly numerous and often unknown to us Westerners.
Across the border from Eurasia, it is another story: the study of dynasties is something that all young Chinese must learn in school, as these  royal families   are a very important part of Chinese culture. You will have to be brave and patient to become an ace of Asian culture!

Among the most famous dynasties are: Chinese dynasties

The Han dynasty.
The Qin dynasty.
The Yuan dynasty.
The Wei dynasty.
The Liao dynasty.
The Ming dynasty.
The Zhou dynasty.
You can be sure that the history of China is not much more complex than that of Spain. Actually, a few weeks of learning  may be enough to learn the country’s most iconic Chinese emperors and families, and move from a beginner level to an intermediate level in Chinese culture.
Chinese movies, Chinese learning apps, or Chinese proverbs can be good tools for remembering these famous names!
So what are you waiting for to pack your bags and go on an adventure around the Asian continent?

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