What do you eat in China?


What do you eat in China?

What is really eaten in the Asian country has little to do with what we normally find in Chinese restaurants in Spain. The rice three delights? The caramelized chicken? The sweet and sour pork? An invention for western palates.
Sometimes dishes of a culture are popularized that are deformed and spread throughout another country in such a way that they have nothing to do with the original. Have you been to a Spanish restaurant outside of Spain? You can find everything … the softest thing we can say is that the chefs have never set foot on Spanish soil.
Well, the same thing happens with many Chinese restaurants in Spain. So whether or not you like the Chinese food you’ve tried so far, it doesn’t matter, because it won’t have much to do with what you’re going to try in China.
How do you defend yourself with chopsticks? Photo by RODNAE Productions.

Chinese popular dishes: What do you eat in China?

Jiaozi or dumplings: it is a dish that is eaten practically all over the country. They are like small sachets of thin dough filled with vegetables, meat or seafood. The sachet should be dipped in soy sauce or hot sauce before eating.
Peking Duck : It is like a duck stew with potatoes seasoned with spices. If you don’t like duck … don’t risk it.
Chop Suey : it is a traditional Chinese dish. It is a dish of various types of vegetables that are cooked in a wok. It is a simple, rich dish that is not far from the flavors we are used to.
Chow Mein : simply and deliciously, fried noodles. The noodles are accompanied by vegetables, meat and cabbage, but other foods such as peas, bamboo, pepper or prawns can be added.
Spicy veal : Very tasty and very spicy! The veal is cut into thin strips and is served with different vegetables.
Hot pot : consists of cooking different types of food (meat, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, dumplings, seafood) in a hot broth with different sauces.

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