Community Managers Book: Chapter 3 Extremely Thorough


Community Managers Book: Chapter 3 Extremely Thorough

This chapter is my favorite, what I will share with you here has been what has brought the most satisfaction to my life

Community Managers Book – If I hadn’t developed this I would never have come to anything in my life. This brought me great projects at the international level WITHOUT being “THE GREAT EXPERT” OR HAVING master’s degrees or doctorates.

I have always been a meticulous and obsessive person, I have a habit of exploring everything and trying every space and functionality that I find.

Within my trauma of moving everything and having everything in order, I realized that certain things improved the performance of my networks:

I filled EVERYTHING that can be filled and every time I came across something that I didn’t understand I would research in forums and help sections to find out. This also made me make mistakes but I never cared because I was learning and experience is the most valuable thing in this world.

I wrote down all my mistakes in a notebook and read them from time to time so that I would never make them again.

The point is to be thorough and not afraid to experiment, not afraid to destroy. You can’t imagine the amount of clients I’ve gained by answering questions like: “how do I do such a thing?” “Where do I configure such a thing?”

You must fill it all:Community Managers Book: Chapter 3 Extremely Thorough

When I started and did it without cause, my logic was simple: if I had filled out and completed all the information on my pages, they would have more quality, more consideration for Facebook or something like that, at that moment only having everything 100% filled would know what it would bring some benefit from being tidy.

Thus, when I found an empty gap and without information, I would fill it. There are always things that you don’t know what they are for, when that happened I simply investigated them and that led me to refine my knowledge.

Each comment, each like, each message had to be addressed and reciprocated, I had no idea of ​​interaction or positioning or anything, I did it because it seemed the right thing to do. I think they all deserved IMMEDIATE attention and response.

Those details increase your presence

Later, I found out that organic reach is closely related to response times and the amount of attention you generate by responding to your posts.

Thus, the searches and results were teaching me that the information that I put in each space helped and responded to what people most wanted or needed, I simply put what people were looking for and asked more elsewhere.

Without knowing it I was already doing SEO, my only intention was that I did it for ethics, to contribute and help people find what they were looking for.

Getting a little obsessed is good : Community Managers Book: Chapter 3 Extremely Thorough

That has defined me on Facebook as a marketing expert, suddenly my community on social networks asked me “hey how did you do for X thing” “help me with such a thing” and after a while they told me things like “I pay you to do it” .

Some time later, as Facebook dominated, I applied the same logic in Google and suddenly people asked me for advice on web pages.

Google was a bit more difficult but I learned going to YouTube to take free courses on web pages, with the basics I started using WordPress, after that a bit of HTML, which led me to CSS and from there to JavaScript and then well, usually I always let one thing lead to another.

Thank you value content

It is until very recently that I learned what it is to do SEO with theoretical bases, measurable methodologies and very complex organic impact models, but there is nothing that costs me work to understand and implement because I have a very broad and solid base of experience.

Constancy and dedication WILL OVERCOME INTELLIGENCE

The path that I propose is different, it is to make the subject yours and understand it from the most elementary atoms and molecules.

This does not mean that you neglect the courses and trainings, if you add to being thorough to be prepared and proactive. To show a button, at the age of 27 I have been fortunate to have people with PhDs in my charge.

It is not always necessary to be prepared in advance, sometimes it is necessary to develop and learn about the actions.

Do not believe me, but do not doubt that if you manage to activate that curiosity in your life you will see many benefits.

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would appreciate it very much if you shared this third episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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