Community Managers Book: Chapter 4: Measure, structure and schedule EVERYTHING


Community Managers Book: Chapter 4: Measure, structure and schedule EVERYTHING

During my time as Community Manager I worked for many years with professionals, mega interesting agencies with a lot of experience.

Overall, in my early years as CM, he highlighted the long time I spent with Japanese people.

They are an extremely planning, punctual and calculating culture. And when you witness the pinpoint precision with which they achieve anything, you get to feel displaced, but of course the correct attitude is to always try to catch up.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with being a Community Manager.

It is important to know that some customs applied in our context could enhance results and work performance immensely, unfortunately few or almost no one in our culture has customs as powerful as this one.

Write down everything in your life:Community Managers Book: Chapter 4: Measure, structure and schedule EVERYTHING

Literally, you should write everything down. When you get into the habit of aiming, you exercise confidence and freedom of ideas, it is not the same as taking a tablet or a cell phone, it is not the same. It is proven that the action of writing by hand is totally linked to the process of memory retention and creative activation.

You must write down ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you do in your life, obsessively, since you wake up write down what you dream, THEN make a to-do list. Do you talk on the phone? Take note of absolutely everything you talk about. You will be a machine if you master this powerful tool.

Over time you will realize that people will begin to notice certain changes in you, they will tell you things like “nothing is going away” “you are on the lookout for everything” “what a good memory you have” “how can you learn all that” “ you have photographic memory ”

Your life in a notebook :Community Managers Book: Chapter 4: Measure, structure and schedule EVERYTHING

You must literally base your life on what a notebook says, for this, agendas are a wonderful and very good tool. Although it is also advisable to back up your pending alarms and reminders on your smartphone.

It may seem like an improvised tip but I ask you to make a vote of confidence and implement this in your life, I have analyzed it for a long time.

The mind is infallible if we know how to program it. If you are one of those who is thinking something like: to be lazy, I do remember what I will do and I don’t need to be writing it down, I don’t have time, you can’t, ETC. I will advocate a vote of confidence, I ask that if you want to go far, just do it and try.

Start by putting notes sporadically, write down all your activities at the end of the day and at the beginning of it. Little by little you will become a habit.

Productivity is measurable and quantifiable

Contrary to what you may think, you will not become dependent on your notebook, on the contrary, the correct mentality with which you should do it is as a support for you to remember and use the notebook to practice memory and organization. 

This is a progressive habit, the more you do it, the less need you will have to write down certain things, the time will come that you do not depend on it and everything will remain in your mind after writing it down, but for this to work you must do it for a long time, it is like doing weights, you are exercising.

The solution is simple, it is urgent, it is stimulating to feel that great certainty, tranquility and satisfaction when at the end of the day you turn to see your notebook and you realize THAT YOU DID EVERYTHING, that you were productive, you managed to advance in your goals and now everything free time is TOTALLY YOURS.

Always one step ahead 

The simple fact of writing down things gives you enough awareness and panorama to feel committed and obliged to set limits and do something about it, nothing and nobody takes you by surprise and it is something that other people will begin to notice and recognize you, you They will see you as a more reliable, punctual person, with an infallible memory and they will begin to be more kind and considerate of you, not to mention that they will begin to consider you a professional.

If you want to see it at the social media level, this will greatly improve your digital presence, in this digital industry not letting your earrings submit you is essential, if you are going to dedicate yourself to digital, prepare to start feeling cornered more and more of unfinished tasks .

The solution is here, in the notebook method, having everything under control will help you a lot, if you practice it from now on when those days full of pending arrive you will be able to handle them and not allow the earrings to eat you alive.

What I want you to understand is that the methodology of the notebook is an exercise not a solution per-se. The idea is that when you do not have it in your hands, your mind is already well trained so that you have all the information recorded as it is in the notebook, this exercise will make everything better recorded in your mind. 

The positive benefits in your digital work 

The objective of all this is that you get to the point where you can materialize everything from the stock of your brain, you do not know how useful and powerful it is to have this ability to be a crack of social networks.

A study from the University of Adelaide in Australia that brought together 169 volunteers to pass three different tests with a diary in which to write down everything they remembered about their dreams for a week. Thus, the resulting report, published in ‘the academic journal’ Dreaming ‘, established three techniques to be able to control the images we dream of.

This means that it is possible that we can have more and more control over our dreams, to the point of deciding if you want to dream tonight or not. The studies done in this regard reveal that the cornerstone is to write down everything when we wake up, the process of recording ideas graphically and through words reinforce certain cognitive capacities in our consciousness which can give us the ability to intervene in our dreams.

If this is true, there is a good chance that the answer to supercognitive ability (being a genius) lies in taking notes.

What I can assure you is that since I started doing it I have more control of my memories and reflection, they are already more real and easier to remember. I am a crack machine.

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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