Community Managers Book Chapter 5: Focus and Specialization


Community Managers Book Chapter 5: Focus and Specialization

To achieve any goal you set yourself, you must meet 3 requirements: Properly pose your goals, focus and surround yourself with what you want to achieve.

To achieve your goals you must first have your goals well defined, clearly know what you want to achieve, with its pros, cons and considerations, whatever you want to achieve in this life you must first go through the SMART methodology which we will not discuss in this book. because there are already thousands of texts that deal with this method, but it is a great start so that you know clearly what you want in life.

Consume content :Community Managers Book Chapter 5: Focus and Specialization

In our lives as digital professionals we have a certain context or inclination to handle certain topics more than others, just as there are topics that we enjoy more.

At least we are supposed to have favorite topics, if you don’t have them don’t worry, with what I tell you here you will find your digital environment very soon.

Each one must specialize in a subject that he masters and is passionate about because its results are greatly enhanced when you enjoy talking and working on a subject that you are passionate about.

Let’s take advantage of that feeling to specialize in the topics that we like the most and practice from there, any activity is perfectly combined with your passions and interests, do not hesitate. As you will see, it is not difficult, we simply have to give it direction and constancy.

First step:Community Managers Book Chapter 5: Focus and Specialization

When you need to investigate or get into a new topic for work, research or personal conviction -or whatever- a fabulous tool (that almost no professional uses nowadays) is the always reliable RSS reader, (feed reader). Blogs, websites and content written on the internet have a special code called RSS which serves to insert the contents of a blog or news website into a concentrated reader.

RSS readers are applications that collect that code and show you the articles, columns and other blog and media entries that you add in an organized and continuous way, in this way in a single app or page you can read it automatically and in one go. latest and relevant topic without searching or googling information.

Use RSS readers, with 5 minutes of reviewing your RSS you will be up to date and you will learn much better in the topics you choose. If you add to this the experience of all the previous points such as the quick scan, you will be learning as a genius.

Turn disadvantages into advantages:Community Managers Book Chapter 5: Focus and Specialization

You can use the most objectionable of social networks in our favor, let us selectively influence the messages and bombardments of information from social networks to achieve what you have always wanted. Let your mindset be shaped by a constant and controlled bombardment through social media towards whatever you need.

Today I consider myself a person who is achieving his goals thanks to that, I totally changed my life. It was totally conscientious, I reasoned it as follows:

If social networks shape our behavior, contexts and can influence our behavior, then why not use that, but in a controlled way so that it changes me the way I want, that way I will not be suffering and fighting against myself. same.

For example, if you wanted to achieve something in particular, learn to be a Blogger and make a living by writing texts on the net, you must first consider how to get fully into that context, enter communities, follow everyone you find, google and search on Facebook YouTube to how much reference of the topic you find, fill your social networks with that topic.

You should focus on one topic at a time

But, it is also important that you know that if you really want to have good results, you should focus only on one topic at a time, specialize, preferably topics that you are passionate about or want to achieve since you will spend a lot of time involved in them, you must Truly wanting to dedicate part or all of your life to the topics you choose, otherwise it will not work, it is worthless that they are seasonal hobbies or that you want to experiment for a while so as not to get bored, you will definitely desert the process.

You are going to dedicate a large part of your life to whatever you choose, if you want to be several things at the same time, better consider first what is most important or exciting for you, achieve your goals in an industry, you cannot live in space and in the bottom of the sea at the same time.

Do not pressure yourself, nor are you forced to stand out, do not stress, if you do not feel it is fine, you can be versatile if you want, do not leave with the idea that you must have a specialty to work, just relax and dive right into it. to the social networks of the topics that you are most passionate about, enjoy them, live them, consume them as you like and everything else will take place at your own pace and intensity, I assure you.

This is the magic of social networks, they influence us to such a degree that we end up reflecting all digital life in reality, let’s use that in our favor.

Never forget these three rules 

  • You must be convinced of what you want to achieve, really want it and have that emotion at the beginning because only then are you going to enjoy it. If you need to learn a subject by obligation, it will not work out.
  • You must have direction, always be clear about what you want to achieve: define when you want it, how much it will cost you and ask yourself why you want to achieve it and check if your reasons are valid and correct, if after that analysis you still have the emotion for it, then set your sights on your goal.
  • Specialize, don’t try to want it all at once, focus on one thing and dedicate yourself to it. I know you may want to fill your life with new skills, but no, choose the most powerful. A person of integrity does not want to have all the passions in his life, he wants to have only one.

Maybe at this point you will tell me:

“You are wrong, there are many things to which we must dedicate ourselves due to work obligation”

In this life you are not obliged to anything, in fact, you do not have to do anything that you do not want to do, it WILL HAVE OBVIOUS consequences, but precisely what I share here is so that you can dedicate yourself and EARN MONEY doing what you like the most.

Companies and agencies are always looking for specialists, whether you are a freelancer or a worker, that’s right. A pizzeria would undoubtedly hire the pizza expert to run their social networks instead of the todologist who knows a bit about swimming and astrophysics.

Nowadays the world applauds specialists, not all athletes

Thus, the Community Manager specialized in Entrepreneurship stands out more than the Community Manager who seems to know everything.

Apply this last point to your digital life as an entrepreneur, business owner, Community Manager, social media or digital expert and you will see how you begin to be considered a genius crack, star, teacher, idol, patriarch, Timelessness, Makarios of Management Social.

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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