Define a workspace to study


Define a workspace to study

Having a workspace will allow you to fully focus on studying.: Define a workspace to study

If you want to be really productive working at home, you will have to choose a different space or room to establish your workspace so that you can study without distractions. It can be difficult to motivate yourself and start studying from bed or lying on the couch. Since most people do not live in large houses or apartments, most often you do not have a study room.
Most often, children have a desk, a chair and a flexo in the sleeping room to be able to do their homework and study. The number of children and adolescents who have done their homework at the kitchen table during their schooling is also uncountable, as their parents helped them to do their homework while doing housework.
In short, the ideal is to enable an area dedicated to study and in which the student can receive classes online without distractions.
In the long term (and it does give the impression that it goes for a long time) you will need a specific and correct study space, especially if you have to prepare for the final exams or the selectivity exams. In fact, if you didn’t have bad habits when you went to class, there is no reason why you should now work from bed or leave notes around the rooms .
Starting to study in a specific place will allow you to associate that space with the study. By getting into the habit of always studying in the same place, this will become your study place and you will not have any distractions when you are working there. This will help you avoid falling into the temptations of the living room such as resting for a “little while” on the couch watching TV (because it’s never a little while), playing Play or Switch, wasting time on social networks and the Internet or lying on bed. What’s more, we strongly recommend that during online classesdo not have the mobile with you unless necessary. And while you do your homework and study the same, avoid having your mobile next to you at all costs, better put it on the table or in another room and with the notifications silenced. You cannot imagine how distracting it is to constantly look at your phone, even if it is only 5 seconds.
You have to tell yourself that, when you are in this workspace, you are in “work mode” so there are no moments of leisure. Note that with this we are not saying that you have to be a robot that is glued to the chair with its gaze fixed on the computer. What’s more, it is very necessary to stretch your legs every hour, drink water or pee.
When you have achieved everything described in the previous paragraphs, it is time to optimize the study techniques you use. It may be a good study idea for you to prepare review cards . Making index cards will help you organize your subjects and make your study easier. Leave the cards in your workspace, leaving everything in order. Although it is a method that you have never used, do not rule out trying it and making cards to make the most of the time you dedicate to study.

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