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Examples of art in biology


Examples of art in biology

Have you ever thought about the relationship between art and biology ? The human figure has been the subject of many paintings throughout the ages. This type of art has existed for many centuries and describes the drawing of the human figure, male or female, in various forms and postures. Human figure artists draw humans in  a very realistic style, showing an understanding of the structure of the human body, including muscles, bones, and organs. One of the best examples of this is  Michelangelo’s series of studies on the male nude.
On the other hand, bioart is a relatively new artistic practice with which artists and scientists create pieces  (mainly in the laboratory, but also in studios and galleries) made from  living tissues, bacteria and other living organisms .  The pioneers of this branch of art are determined to transform science into works of art using their bodies and other living things with the help of engineers and scientists.
One of the most outlandish forms of biotechnology is the shocking and provocative  transformations of Orlan, a controversial artist who uses her face and body as a canvas.
This is art? A new generation of artists uses the body as a canvas.
Orlan uses  cosmetic surgery procedures to change his appearance  and resemble famous images of women in art, using the procedure as part of the performance. In order to focus on the  power of technology to transform your physical appearance,  Orlan’s work also pushes the boundaries of health with his numerous surgical experiments. That really is dedication to the trade! Examples of art in biology

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