Definition of school support


Definition of school support

All teachers and parents talk about school support, which is becoming more and more popular.

What is the true definition of school support?

Given the increasingly high level required of students,  this type of education is increasingly being used, both in primary, secondary, high school or even university.
But what is the exact definition of school support ? Why is it important not to confuse it with private classes or school accompaniment? In order not to be confused, it is important to know that the school support classes represent  personalized, one-off  or long-term help, intended for students with difficulties as a complement to the classes at the school. The fact of being a « support for students with difficulties » is what totally differentiates home school support from school accompaniment and private lessons.
Its success has grown thanks to the concern of parents about the low level of schools in recent years. Therefore, when the center does not provide complete learning in any subject, home school support intervenes as an essential complement.
For this reason, school support consists mainly of helping with homework and updating students  to raise their grades.

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