Generate web traffic quickly


Generate web traffic quickly

How to generate free web traffic

Welcome to the third part of How to be a blogger and make money . This time we are going to review what we can do to Generate web traffic quickly.

Here are 4 strategies to increase traffic to your website or blog

Use of Key Phrases: Generate web traffic quickly

First of all, you must be very clear that the content positions more than flat pages, those of the landing page type. These are the same and they do position, but they disappear in a short time and are easily eaten by other sites. That is why it is important that you work on CONTENT.

Key phrases are “literal” expressions that people type into Google, just like that, with misspellings, grammar, semantics, copywriting and all. These phrases are essential to position yourself.

You must use key phrases in your content, from the titles to the url. The content should be focused on a single key phrase; use an entire page or post to rank for a single phrase.

The idea is simple: That content appears uniquely and specifically for that keyword or phrase.

I recommend you not to use generic or very specific phrases, choose well those that have a good search level: not very high nor very low. First so that it is worthwhile and second so that you do not compete against very generic phrases already full of traffic and large websites.

Social groups

When you have already found powerful key phrases and structured your website around them

be careful, do not use the most searched phrases, but the ones that add the most traffic to your content

With content pillars, it’s time to use the power of those key phrases on social media.

When you have already verified that key phrases work in Google we can already derive traffic from Facebook or YouTube.

A very recurring strategy in my blogs is to open a Facebook group with the key phrase. In this example we see how the group called “chicken recipes” grew in less than a month

This group was born from the positioning achieved by my blog «recipes with chicken point club. with traffic derived from the same website.

Join the group 😀

What happens with the example above is that the key phrases that work on Google usually end up working on Facebook.

When people discover a site called in such a specific way they do not hesitate to join.

By giving your networks a key phrase name, followers begin to reach, without the need to be creating content to “gain followers”


It is an extremely powerful strategy to generate web traffic quickly.

In order for it to work, you must ask people to leave their email for you to share news, to download a benefit, etc.

Whoever is interested in your content will leave their email, you can take advantage of it to send them things, generate visits, traffic or consideration with Google.


Push notifications are text balloons that appear to us in our browsers and cell phones. It is one of the most powerful strategies to generate website traffic, it is as if you send a personal message to each user.

These are the wordpress push notifications

It works because people only have to press a button and accept so you can send content direct to their cell phone or PC. We all already know what these notifications are about

Implementing push notifications on your website is very simple and you can do it practically anywhere. Of course, if it is a blog armed with WordPress, a couple of steps are enough and it is automatically configured.

Generate web traffic quickly

All these strategies as a whole seem extremely important to me in order to generate a significant “hype” in the daily traffic of your websites. If you are not injecting constant traffic, it will be difficult for you to rank, even more difficult for you to climb places in Google.

If you don’t know how to implement all this and you really want to generate web traffic quickly, I invite you to review our intensive digital course. In this course we take you by the hand step by step so that you can monetize your sites and position them quickly.

You will learn WordPress, SEO, Blogging, to put push notifications, mailing, etc. All in one course.

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If you got to the bottom it is because you liked this article, see you on my social networks, I share informative content every day. If you have questions, write to me and I will help you with whatever you need. With me it will be until next time. Bye.


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