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What is a Growth Hacker?

It has nothing to do with hacking and programming engineers. Or maybe yes …

What is a Growth Hacker? – Growth Hacking is a concept, it is about seeking with minimal expense and effort to quickly and noticeably increase the profitability of a company or business.

Summary : Growth Hacking is not a discipline or a methodology, it is the type of reasoning and a very clear vision of objectives. A Growth Hacker can occupy any methodology or discipline (literally they are willing to whatever) that leads him to achieve his objectives.

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What does a Growth Hacker do

The Growth Hacker is a profile that is often associated with digital marketing and advertising companies, we know that.

But in reality the Growth Hacker does not have to be a marketer. Due to his necessary analytical, creative and digital skills, this can be believed, but it is a profile that can navigate through various spheres; from marketing to life coaching.

The growth hacker collects data and analyzes it to implement the strategies that are necessary in order to achieve a goal in a given time.

This professional will use and combine all the techniques and methodologies necessary to enhance results as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. So you have to implement the most irreverent and crazy methods: If it works, go ahead! …


The Growth Hacker knows how to find hidden holes and take advantage of market trends. Analyze and measure the social response through the networks to exploit the communicative performance of the brand. It is the Growth Hacker’s way of making the product become a necessity for their target audience.

At first glance, it seems that finding a good Growth Hacker is like looking for an improvisational and magic artist. And we all know, that as in any profession, there will be better and worse Growth Hackers and better and worse, charlatans and apprentices.

Among its most common functions, the following stand out:

  • Plan actions through analysis and execute actions to achieve the desired objective, be it sales, audience, media attention, etc.
  • Business and life coaching / mentoring in order to get people to support the results.
  • Work hand in hand with the marketing or communication department because that is where the magic arises and the results can be measured.
  • Maintain a suspicious mentoring relationship with the sales department
  • Business consulting: Through which the current state is diagnosed to establish the points to improve.

How to be a growth hacker

Good Growth Hackers don’t have a set mindset and philosophy. As we have already said, they professionally cover a large number of disciplines, as many as necessary.

For example, if you want to be a Growth Hacker specialized in the Fitness industry, it is not enough to know marketing, sales and social networks. You must prepare yourself as a coach and physical trainer to find gaps and languages ​​that help you find advantages.

Radically, if necessary, you should go out and distribute leaflets if that increases the value of your company. That is why it is essential to have a great capacity for learning and to be able to think creatively, “out of the box”.

You have to be able to plan different quick experiments to find the solution that works best in each case.

We know that it is impossible to be an expert in everything, especially if we take into account that experimental knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge.

Experts agree that marketing training is essential since it gives you a clear vision of what all areas do and helps you focus on what gives life to any company: Sales.

Germans do their Growth Hacker as follows

Germany is a pioneer and for this I will tell you about Zalando, a company that has managed to become a world benchmark in business growth.

This company caused analysts uncertainty as it preferred to invest huge amounts of money in the digital user experience and in social networks. It was puzzling because they invest more money than they can get back from such stocks, apparently.

The reality is that this “committed” money is recovered indirectly. Let me explain: All the knowledge generated by your experiments (in addition to word of mouth from users) is hundreds of times more valuable .

It’s great how in addition to an e-commerce they are their own market research brand, this saves them millions in the long term. Now imagine if they sold that knowledge to other companies, they would multiply the value of the company by several thousand WITH A SINGLE SALE.

From the beginning that was Zalando’s goal. Isn’t it a mecca for all businesses to increase revenue and scalability along with expansion and diversification?

This company is Growth Hacker since it achieved all that in record time and also with a single strategy.

The Puritans would have said no, that a company can only grow by being specific and attacking only one market niche and that dedicating itself to two such disparate things would be crazy and risky because it would split the brand’s head in two, because they found the way to conjugate it …

If you got to this point in the article it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate if you let me know your opinion through my social networks. Without further ado for the moment I say goodbye and we read very soon.


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