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What is the best way to learn?


What is the best way to learn?

At a distance, it is more difficult to establish a connection between the teacher and the student , at least in our opinion. Without the teacher by their side, it can also be more difficult for a student to focus on the homework or lesson. However, this distance can seduce a shy or reserved student, although face-to-face classes force him to come out of his shell …
In terms of fees, the average price of a webcam class is usually a little lower than that of classes at home because the teacher does not have to travel.
If you decide to offer classes by videoconference, you can use these three free programs: Skype, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp.

Tips to save with Superprof : What is the best way to learn?

In packages of 10 hours of private lessons, the price is usually reduced by 10%. Some of our teachers offer this type of discount , so take advantage of it.
If some of your friends also have children with learning disabilities, why not organize group classes ? As long as the teacher agrees, of course. It’s a great way to share expenses and create healthy competition among students!

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