How is the Spanish market for private classes structured?


How is the Spanish market for private classes structured?

In the field of private lessons we can say that there are several fundamental actors : specialized organizations, voluntary associations, online learning platforms or e-learning and contact pages for teachers and students. Let us analyze them in a little more detail:
The specialized agencies
By “specialized organizations” we mean companies, academies, institutes, centers, public and private establishments. These are, in general, entities of a certain size with a large number of resources that reach a very varied audience due to their extensive offer in terms of hours, levels, subjects and rates. We are talking about school support academies (for students in Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate, University, etc.), language centers (such as the British Council), etc. Centers that allow students to expand their knowledge after school hours. In general, these are organizations that offer pre-designed group classes adapted to each level, with their own methodology and, in many cases, also their own material.

Contact platforms: How is the Spanish market for private classes structured?

Other actors that have appeared with increasing force are the platforms that facilitate contact between teachers and students . As we saw that there were more and more enterprising teachers and more students who were looking for individualized teaching, we realized that we had to find the perfect way to simplify the meeting between supply and demand. For that, we created the Superprof website.
With just a few clicks, our goal is for you to find someone who knows your children’s needs and expectations and will help them with:
Math classes,
English and foreign language classes,
Spanish language classes,
Study techniques classes,
Support classes online or at home,

Superprof’s mission is to put students and teachers in contact.: How is the Spanish market for private classes structured?

The fundamental idea is that you can find a professional with experience and training near your home who is capable of transmitting their knowledge to your children, accompany them, guide them and help them progress academically.

And what about black work?

Black work is very present in the sector of refresher classes and contributes to promoting the underground economy. Although it is difficult for many people to regularize and legalize their work as a private teacher, we cannot forget that working in black is a crime punishable by law with different types of sanctions: returning the amounts collected, staying without benefits at the expense of the State or receiving a fine .
Black work is highly penalized.
To avoid contributing to the black market, the best solution for private teachers is to register with the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

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