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Why is the market for private lessons booming?


Why is the market for private lessons booming?

Today we live in a complicated context. The unemployment rate in our country is high and one of the best guarantees for finding a job lies in education . For this reason, the market for private classes does not stop growing and moves billions of euros every year.
All parents want the best for their children. They want them to have a good training and not to have problems when it comes to following the rhythm of the classes. For this reason, from primary to high school, many young people have the help of a private teacher, who not only explains everything that they have not understood well in class, but also provides them with additional materials to expand their knowledge and thus get a much more solid training.
In a sector previously dominated by traditional organizations (academies and training centers), the new educational offer seems to be causing a sensation. Primary and secondary school students find a large number of online resources, websites, blogs and YouTube videos that allow them to fill in all their gaps and clarify their doubts.
The academies are a great reference in school support classes.
The entire market is changing, so families now have the ability to get in touch with teaching professionals that are just a few clicks away from them. These teachers can help their students:
Trace your general average or a specific matter,
Understand the reasons for dropping out of school,
Help them do their homework,
Expand the knowledge acquired in school or institute.

Superprof’s work: Why is the market for private lessons booming?

In addition to all the academies and specialized centers , we know that many parents opt for classes at home through advertisements placed on boards, streetlights, walls, bakeries, etc. What if we told you that there is a much more comfortable and safe way to find a good teacher at home?
Superprof is a small start-up where the largest community of teachers on the entire web meets (1 million in 2016). Its objective is to make it easier for students to find a good teacher, as well as for teachers to find more students. Everyone wins! Students can personally choose the teacher that interests them the most (for their experience, training, recommendations, etc.). In addition, they can arrange a free, no-obligation first class to meet in person. Teachers, for their part, can publish their ad completely free of charge and thus reach a greater number of

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