How long does it take to become bilingual in German?


How long does it take to become bilingual in German?

You have been studying German for a while and you want to become bilingual. To do this, you search like crazy on the Internet for things like:
Deutsch lernen or learn german ,
Intensive German courses,
Free German lessons,
Websites to learn German,
German exercises,
Learn German quickly,
Or online German course .
Some may make you believe that it is possible to  master German perfectly in five classes, that learning German in one month allows one to be perfectly bilingual … But we are not going to fool you: this is not true.
Being bilingual is much more than knowing everyday German. Being bilingual implies  a perfect command of Goethe’s language; it implies being able to grasp all the nuances … A bilingual German can  think in German and dream in and sometimes a word comes to mind before a Spanish one.
Although it is not impossible to become bilingual in German, you have to take all of this into account.
If you live in the  capital,  you should take a look at our German courses in Madrid .

Bilinguals even think in German!: How long does it take to become bilingual in German?

The best way to speak German perfectly is probably by  living a total immersion in Germany.  Thus, taking a German course in Germany, studying at a German university or working in Germany may be the perfect solution. It is imperative that you interact with the Germans, listen to them speak and practice as much as possible: this way you can  make rapid progress in German.
If you do not have the possibility to go to Germany, you will have to spend more time learning German to become bilingual. ¿ How long ? It is impossible to say: it depends on several factors such as your profile, your constancy …
In any case, you will have to memorize the lessons, be motivated,  listen to a lot of German with movies or  YouTube videos and have a constant rhythm.
Don’t forget to  have fun  while you learn – it’s the key to success!

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