How to be a YouTuber and earn money


How to be a YouTuber and earn money

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and being a video creator let me help you

Perhaps at first it sounds simple and you think you already have it planned: If you are a musician, you will talk about music, copy what others do and that’s it. If you are an athlete, you may think that talking about Fitness and inviting your friends from the gym to like is enough, but I regret to inform you that the content on the internet no longer works that way.

How to be a YouTuber and earn money

So what is needed?: How to be a YouTuber and earn money

There are millions of channels uploading content on almost any topic every day, so you can’t afford to talk about “any topic.” If you do it like this, the safest thing is that your message will be lost among so many similar content. A couple of years ago, suffice it to say that your channel would be for “musicians”, “teenagers”, “people interested in soccer”, etc. However, nowadays this is not enough, what you need is to strike a hit and specifically define the audience you want to speak to.

How to be a YouTuber and earn money

What I recommend is to define your audience from the general to the particular through 3 levels. At each level we will try to imagine what kind of people are those who would enjoy this content and we will make a mental image of our ideal subscriber. In the following example we will use a channel designed for musicians.

Wide audience: How to be a YouTuber and earn money

It raises the following: In my channel I will talk about topics that interest musicians. In my videos, I will talk about topics that have to do with taking care of your instrument, how long to practice, biographies of famous musicians, how to choose an instrument, some music history, classical harmony, the difference between different percussion instruments, etc.

Specific audience

But there are many types of musicians, focus on just one, the one that you know the most: On my channel I will talk about topics that interest guitarists. In my videos, I will talk about the differences between different types of guitars, how to choose your first amp, the best sound effects for guitars, what is the best wood for an acoustic guitar, etc.

How to be a YouTuber and earn money

Ideal audience

But there are still many types of guitarists, so keep choosing just one type of them: On my channel I will talk about topics that rock guitarists are interested in. In my videos, I will talk about how to get new places to play, what are the most versatile guitars in sound to play covers, what are the essential guitar effects in my equipment, what kind of amp is easy to transport, what are the songs that cannot be missing in my repertoire, etc.

As you can see, despite the fact that at first they seemed similar audiences, each of the audiences at each level has different and particular topics of interest. This helps us to define the theme of the videos, plan a content strategy and above all to establish a true connection with the people who will see the videos in order to convert them into subscribers.

In other words, our main goal has to be that when a person discovers our channel they feel completely identified with the content. Do not be afraid by doing this, you will not be reducing your audience but defining your audience. Fortunately the internet is a huge place and you will surely find an audience that enjoys the same topics as you.

I present to you how I approach the issues on my channel:

I am Giovanni Pasco, better known as «El Monitor Geek», I have a YouTube channel with more than 60 thousand active subscribers and I am dedicated to the production of audiovisual content. I invite you to visit my channel and be in contact through my social networks, I also recommend you visit this article with which you can complement all this information.

To finish my column, I recommend that you do this 3-level exercise extensively. At each level, try to imagine the consumer habits, favorite shows, important events, favorite music, and all kinds of characteristics you can imagine of your subscriber. If you do, I’m sure finding topics to talk about will be a much easier task.


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