Social network that replaces Facebook?


Social network that replaces Facebook?

There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this great failure

Apparently all the popularity on the subject was due to the boom generated thanks to the scandal of its founders (Arab billionaires who own oil companies in the Middle East) which surely belonged to a billionaire marketing campaign.

You can viralize anything, even try to BUY the “top of mind” of an industry, but if the product is not good and if it does not provide a real solution or people do not like it, it will never go from there.

To show a button; We saw in the case of Vero that when the money on advertising and mentions ran out, it stopped being relevant to people, people tried it but nobody stayed to use it.

The following note was written in February 2018, when this social network was still relevant. If you want to find out what was talked about at that time, continue reading and if not, I would ask you please follow me on my social networks, I will be very excited to talk with you and share all the updates on these topics and news.

February 2018: Social network that replaces Facebook?

The new social network that replaces Facebook has been going on for more than three years, but in recent weeks it has been a trend. The app has over 1 million users and continues to grow, adding around 500,000 users per week, thus breaking download records.

Instagram-like social network: Social network that replaces Facebook?

Its interface and usability are extremely similar to Instagram but in high contrasts and with more extensive functions such as audio playback, video with time control and instant articles on the same application.

New social network: Social network that replaces Facebook?

What is Vero and who is behind it? Vero’s new social network was launched in 2015 funded by a billionaire businessman named  Ayman Hariri , whose father was former Lebanese Prime Minister  Rafic Hariri.

Ayman Hariri, Vero founder, Jeymes Samuel

Hariri says he developed the app out of personal frustration with existing social media. His only objective when creating his own social network was to help people communicate without having to watch advertising, he says he is fed up with them using their tastes and preferences to be bombarded all day by advertising.

What makes Vero different?

Vero tries to be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify all in one. Here you will only see posts from people you follow. The publications can be photos, text or URL’s, as well as recommendations for music and TV programs. The real trick of Vero is that it does not manipulate or cure the content it shows you, the publications are ordered chronologically without the use of complex algorithms that determine your consumption.

Batman Vero

This means that the application is particularly popular with people who are frustrated by algorithm and content changes on other social networks, in fact, this may be the reason why Vero is enjoying a surge in popularity.

Social network that replaces Facebook

An interesting aspect of the application is that there are no differences between friends and followers, within the configuration there are 3 levels of contact: Close people, friends and acquaintances. When you accept a friend request, you can choose which level each one belongs to for you.

When you post an image of your vacation for example, you choose which group of people will see it. You put it only for friends or acquaintances.

Although it is very similar to what Google tried to do with its social network or Facebook itself with its segmentation. But Vero is different, it was born as a more natural, immediate and personal proposal, the concept is not new but what is innovative is the freshness of having a new, virgin social network, without oversaturation of users and bots, all through an interface that you can use with just one finger.

A new application to flirt for free?

This is not a new application to flirt and make appointments privately and discreetly as it was handled at first in many portals. Currently, the application can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

Vero App Store. social network that replaces facebook

Although it is rumored that in the future it will be for an annual subscription at a ridiculously low price, this subscription is said to have access to a lot of multimedia content such as music or movies without any type of restriction or advertising or extra charges, it sounds tempting for this social network that replaces Facebook.

Taking into account the general anxiety of users with topics such as artificial intelligence, big data, bots, the deep web or cyber bullying, this application is a very interesting proposal and worth keeping in mind since for many it has been a respite from social media toxicity.

Where can I register for Vero?

You can download the application in the iOS and Android stores  , you only create your profile and you will be registered, it does not have a website or access from a computer, check it and tell us what you think. I leave you this video where I sign up to use Vero.


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