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How to boxing practicing in your home


How to boxing practicing in your home

In this article I will guide you how to boxing practicing in your home with all possible ways.
Use a teacher at home
This is undoubtedly the best solution for learning boxing at home:  finding a good personal trainer. It is a luxury that you will not regret!
The only requirement is to have enough space and to  have the necessary equipment to organize boxing classes at home  that, to be effective, must be as improvised as possible. Otherwise, what you can do is go to the teacher’s house or  a fully equipped gym to box.
Today’s rookie may be tomorrow’s boxing champion.
Remember that the first lesson in most cases (especially in cities) is free, on a trial basis. Feel free to ask your coach for references and find out about him (opinions of former students on the Internet, reputation in the neighborhood, etc.).
A good coach should not just be a boxing professional, but should be an excellent teacher and know how to explain things, even difficult ones, so that everything is quickly clear to you.
His sense of observation should allow him to detect the slightest flaw in you to correct it as soon as possible; His touch will be the best way to improve you without any quarrels, since  trust affects morale as much as initial motivation.
This tailor-made learning guarantees you rapid progress by having an experienced and informed, safe and effective person. You will enjoy his own experience and he will share many tips with you!
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Virtual boxing classes to exercise
This is by far the most common method, ideal for those who want to get started in boxing on their own at home.
In fact, watching videos on YouTube or other portals is much more fun than assimilating the theoretical concepts and it is  completely  free (except for some paid sites) unlike resorting to a private teacher which, although very effective, beneficial and fruitful, it is expensive.
For example, En Guardia TV is a channel for contact sports such as boxing, MMA, kickboxing, among others, which offers a variety of videos with techniques, warm-up and stretching exercises, the right clothing for training, tips and tricks, healthy eating and interviews.
Be careful not to perform the exercises incorrectly.
In addition, social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to name only the most used) are the ideal place to exchange good offers, quality links and impressions.
Finally, there are few channels that offer a beginner’s home workout program from start to finish with logical progression and precise order. Most of the time, you will have to choose, a task that can be relatively difficult for a beginner. Google Videos can help you!
We recommend that you watch the video of a particular exercise, then repeat it slowly and put it into practice. With the appropriate equipment, of course: rope, gloves, punching bag …
You can do  shadow boxing, an exercise that can be practiced by anyone and anywhere, even on vacation and without equipment! It consists of fighting with a phantom opponent, ideally in front of a mirror to observe your movements. But even so, it is necessary to have enough theoretical and technical knowledge to  realize your mistakes and correct them at the moment.
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Boxers forums
If you are the only person in your environment interested in boxing or you do not know anyone who practices it, consulting digital portals of the boxing fan community will help you choose the videos to watch, the best exercises to perform, the correct programs to use. you should go ahead and  ask questions when in doubt.
To progress, but also to maintain your motivation during the first days, it  is essential not to isolate yourself!  This is where the virtual world can help you find support.
From home to ring: a long journey awaits you before facing real opponents.

Here is a list of some boxing forums that you can consult: How to boxing practicing in your home

Just boxing
Boxing zone
Forumotion Web Boxing
Boxing panel
You no longer have an excuse to start boxing at home!

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