What to do after a postgraduate degree in ELE?


What to do after a postgraduate degree in ELE?

BlogLanguagesELEWhat Are the Possible Exits After Completing an ELE Master’s Degree?: What to do after a postgraduate degree in ELE?

Continue with a PhD in ELE
Work as a Spanish reader after the ELE master’s degree
Becoming a Spanish teacher with a master’s degree
Work as a freelance ELE teacher with a master’s degree
«The language – Castilian, Spanish – becomes for us like a liquor that we savor, and which we can no longer do without. Dispense in the rehearsal, in search of all its hiding places, all its possibilities, all its purities. We are already, with so much drinking of this liquor, drunk on the language ». – José Martínez Ruiz (Azorín)
Carrying out some studies implies having a guaranteed future perspective , depending on the field you have chosen, of course. Although some remain in the degree, the majority prefer to continue with the master’s degree, which is recommended according to the chosen discipline. Among these branches, among which the completion of a master’s degree is recommended, we find the branch of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, whose job placement is so enriching.
According to the Instituto Cervantes, the institution par excellence specialized in teaching Spanish around the world, we find 21.8 million people learning Spanish in 107 countries. A good reason to try to identify what career opportunities exist when you have a master’s degree in ELE . Between the didactics of Spanish, language teaching and educational resources, a range of opportunities opens up that we must take advantage of.
However, what options do you have after completing your ELE studies? What are the outputs for this type of training? Is there only teaching Spanish to foreign students? Next, we leave you a brief description of the professional perspectives that you have at your fingertips.

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