How to declare income as a school support teacher


How to declare income as a school support teacher

This is the biggest hassle in all walks of life: income reporting . Whether you work as a private teacher in a private company or on your own, at one point or another you will have to declare your income related to your home school support activity.

You can declare your income electronically.:
This is the biggest hassle in all walks of life: income reporting .

If you like independence and wants s teach classes with full lib ertad, chooses to become autonomous or create your own company  to teach your classes, put on your students, helping them with homework and prepare for exams. But what taxes do you have to declare?
In your invoices, you must include 21% VAT and declare it quarterly (model 303) and annually (model 390). Regarding personal income tax , you must retain 15% (or 7% the first two years of the activity) if your client is a company or a self-employed person, but if you are going to give private classes as a freelance at home or at home, you cannot Withhold personal income tax on your invoices since your students cannot later pay it to the Treasury, so you will be obliged to present form 130 each quarter . In the latter case, they retain you 20%.
At one point, you will surely want to advance your business. In that case, you can set up a company, with all that this implies in terms of administrative management (apart from VAT and personal income tax, you have to pay Corporation Tax and other taxes such as IBI, garbage collection, opening fees business, commercial registry fees, etc.), so we recommend hiring an accountant. It is an option for those who have the soul of entrepreneurs and already have many benefits.
If you work as a teacher in a private company,  you do not have to worry about anything, since the payroll deducts personal income tax and they are responsible for paying your Social Security. The only thing you have to present is the income statement .


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