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How to determine the hourly rate of the boxing teacher?


How to determine the hourly rate of the boxing teacher?

Do not squeeze your head too much and base yourself on certain criteria.
Before you start giving your first private boxing class, even before writing your first advertisement, you should know what your classes are priced at . It is not easy to know how to evaluate a job. Are you afraid of being too expensive or, conversely, asking too little for an hour-long boxing class? Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you set the right price for your boxing classes .
Analyze the competition : Take a look at the prices of other boxing teachers to determine the correct price for an English boxing or Thai boxing course. Search on Google and compare. It is counterproductive to drop the price (you will get tired very soon and, in addition, you will not be able to earn a living), of course, do not offer too high prices at the risk of not finding customers.
Compare prices in the city: be part of your study of the competition. Comparing the prices of your city with those that move in Madrid, for example, does not make much sense. Prices should be adjusted to the general standard of living in your place of residence.
Determine your experience : the following two points are related. Your experience will help you set the price according to the audience you are also targeting. If you finished first in all the Spanish championships during the last five years, your price should be in line with your reputation.
Define the level of your students : if you can only give lessons to beginners, the price you can ask will be lower than if you can target students with advanced training.
Calculate transportation costs : if you travel by car, you will need to cover gas costs. If you teach in a boxing club, you will have to pay the rent for the room. These elements must be taken into account in your rates.
Do you provide the boxing equipment they need? If you lend the boxing gloves, the jump rope, the punching bag and the pear, you can ask for a higher price since you will have to replace the material and supply it. Take it into account for your rate.
You will have to establish the price of your classes based on many criteria and not only taking into account the competition. Keep that in mind! How to determine the hourly rate of the boxing teacher?

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