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How to organize a boxing session?


How to organize a boxing session?

Use bear paws to train your students to do sequences.: How to organize a boxing session?

In group or individual classes, boxing sessions should be organized in the best conditions so that the student can progress safely , without risk of injury. A class should begin systematically with a full-body warm -up.
The goal is to increase the cardiovascular capacity to supply oxygen to all muscles and not risk straining them. The cardiovascular training also allows to gain strength, which is essential when you want to improve your fitness and resist full combat boxing in the ring.
The warm-up is also an opportunity to build muscle by working your abs and glutes and leg flexibility in the case of kicks.
Then comes the technical part of the class itself, where the student first learns to position himself to protect himself as best as possible and balance on his supports. You will have to teach him the different punching and kicking techniques (if necessary), as well as dodging techniques. Boxing is not just a kicking sport, you also need to be able to avoid your opponent’s kick.
You can provide working on the punching bag to improve their speed and strength or, on the other hand, practicing boxing in the shade ( shadow boxing ) to assimilate the different combinations.
The different combinations allow the student to memorize the gestures and maintain their precision even in case of acceleration. Make sure you work him gently first to break up the movements and then faster to gain speed and explosiveness.
The joints of the hands and arms are used a lot in boxing. Remember the need to do some stretches at the end so that it doesn’t hurt too much and your muscles aren’t at risk of injury.

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